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Building a hardcover Western ShaoYaoJu office sale
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The main peak of the North Fourth Ring of Commerce, the flagship of international capital Bank Austria International Centre is located in the potential development in the North Fourth Ring core business district in the heart of Olympic distance, Zhongguancun, radiation Wangjing and country district, and Bird's Nest Water Cube and other Olympic images Morgan, closely echoes. Project Focus on business capital of the times, motivate the world's vision and development of high-tech business, to attract international capital, the peak exchange elite crowd, creating an international value of the model after 2008 will be the international business capital of the North Fourth Ring core to Standard. Fortune Landmark, Ding Li OCA Bank Austria International Center, "the North Fourth Ring Business Federation," the capital of height, strength, according to the heart of the North Fourth Ring Road, the project covers an area of 103,000 square meters to 100 meters height of the building overlooking the era of view. In the North Fourth Ring Road, the Bank Austria International Center Spirit century building stands in the complex, has won the attention of the world. Set of intelligent office building project, the world wide standard of 70 square meters of apartments exterior of stone, brought together first-class leisure and entertainment business, and create a country Wealth of international business elite camp, as most investment value of the North Fourth Ring landmark masterpiece of the business. Apartments 351 seats, gift the world respect. Bank Austria International Center, a world-class standards to create full hardcover apartments, 60-100 square meters in size varied from zero to Sanju, matching the business elite from around the world, it represents the life of luxury suitable height and dilute international Some of the potential value to 351 seats in the respect Chong Xianli world. Cutting-edge OFFICE, commerce capital giant. Bank Austria as the backbone of an international center of business, a very contemporary design of intelligent office building and human nature, standing in the era Lan owned business capital to prospective international design and build the North Fourth Ring Road area of rare Value of the property. Global first-line Boutique, Famous surging tide. Own commercial projects, excellent transport location, the modern business environment and high-grade facilities, with the world of fashion orientation, will become the first choice of international top brands, as well as for the Beijing Olympic district to bring the North Fourth Ring Unlimited business opportunities, the International Centre for World Business and the formation of Austria, the most anticipated international consumer circles the North Fourth Ring Road, will become a have a strong acceleration effect. Transportation, supporting: Refresh the heart of Times Bank Austria International Centre for the future city center - Olympic cross-district coverage to smooth and convenient transportation advantage and first-class education, health care environment and human life support, the best core of the North Fourth Ring favorable business Resources. Project among the North Fourth Ring main road, adjacent to the Dadu Ruins Park, 67 hectares of the Olympic Games do embrace eco-cultural landscape; in Metro Line 13 line 10 interchange, traffic is convenient and smooth; surrounding China's largest foreign trade and economic School, the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing Institute of Clothing and other institutions of higher learning everywhere, and Contemporary Literature in the landmark building - Chinese Literature in Beijing, only 300 meters away; Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital, Dadu Bar Street, Ito-Yokado stores, actually House, the International Jewelry Trade Center and other medical, commercial facilities in close proximity.
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