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Secondhand in August building city shows " Shanghai of Beijing of deep cold " is
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The each district August is secondhand building city still lasts atrophic, and other places of Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, present volume price to drop together in succession posture, shanghai is secondhand room index appears from October 2006 even since the portion drop first. The personage inside course of study thinks, prospective “ Jin Jiuyin 10 ” period will be secondhand the serious attention time of room market paragraph.

According to Beijing I love the data that my home provides, the Beijing August 2008 is secondhand room market, whole trades all valence is 8956 yuan / square metre, annulus comparing drops 2.28% . Meanwhile, the Beijing August is secondhand the room trades measure occurrence atrophy. The statistical data of Beijing Wei Jia Anjie shows, august Beijing estate goods money market whole trades the quantity produces now to slip, with compared July, dropped 13% the left and right sides.

However, what because be executed at present,move price is new dish center at Beijing brim position mostly, accordingly analytic personage thinks, of 4 annulus less than of Beijing secondhand the room will be the client that has rigid demand main goal. “‘ Jin Jiuyin of 10 ’ secondhand building city is worth to pay close attention to very. ” this personage says.
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