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Chengdu hardcover CBD Grade A office space central R & F United Centre day sai
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A great city, there is a unique center. Chengdu, only one center. Through inheritance and change, enshrined in the urban context and spirit of the ideals, the city center is always a function of the core area of the city, the economic control of the city center and growth pole. Just as Manhattan in New York, Shinjuku is to Tokyo, in Central in Hong Kong. The center of the city center, it is this movement of city-level business leaders, and the value of a city celebration. R & F Days Exchange Center, is located in the heart of Chengdu, the absolute center, guide map of the city's most high-end business. Shun Cheng Avenue - coordinates of western China's chief wealth China is the fastest growing country as much world attention. Chengdu, as China's western development strategy and implementation process of the implementation of the core city in western China is determined as trade, technology, finance three centers and transportation and communication "two hub" status. S vision of the world in Chengdu, more open, more international, more inclusive, represent the future direction of Chengdu. In the north Chiang Road, Renmin Road, west as far as to Dongcheng Gen Street, south to West Royal Street, East Royal Street, extending to East Avenue, east Zeyi Drum Tower North Street, Tai Shing Road as the boundary, along the general government Road, Funan Daoda farthest edge of this total area of 2.1 square kilometers of area, you can see, more and more global wealth is to bring together here. The man from the world, to the most powerful of the top companies, its influence deep and southwest and the whole western China, Chengdu's central business district, this should be the core of the situation requires. And along the city streets, because of its central core is located in Chengdu, the central business district, as the wealth of Wall Street in Manhattan, like the soul, Shun Cheng Avenue Chengdu doing my part to become the "Wall Street." Currently, 90% of the world settled in 500 institutions in Chengdu, Chengdu, supporting 85% of the essence, is to shun the city street as the center, forming a strong spatial aggregation. Needless to say, the future along the city streets, more than hundred meters high in the shade of buildings, shining a brilliant luster. Here will be the top office, top central luxury, ultra-functional shopping Daquan entertainment center, high-end business club, conference and exhibition center, as well as the regional headquarters of multinational companies such as composition. Forest of skyscrapers, not only represents the elevation above sea level along the city street, but also represents the core business district of Chengdu, the wealth of the central height. R & F Day Meeting Center, the central core business district, as troops on R & F Properties to build 16 to 60 Articles on heavy super-complex world-leading R & F days, the city sinks a core member of the core collection of resources for the city to a hardcover super- class standard, to redefine the business map of the world, is present in this core area of Chengdu, the only hardcover in the sale of Grade A office space. Central dogma, the achievements of high-end office market dominance September 3, 2010, has a global "King of the hotel," said the super five-star Ritz-Carlton Hotel, the official signing day of the Meeting R & F City. It is understood that each of the city into the Ritz-Carlton, will carefully analyze the consumption level of the city's population, thus making location. Currently, the Ritz Carlton Hotel is only 7 cities in China, opened a 9, with R & F Ritz-Carlton day of wine exchange center settled in Chengdu will be the first Ritz-Carlton 8 with the city. Same time, it suddenly became the best proof strength of R & F Properties, on the other confirms the R & F Properties harsh on the project site, as well as to create an urban complex, especially in high-end office's international leadership . R & F Properties to build almost all the projects, is always in the best and most central city location, and R & F Properties at the cost of the product in its own design and build, often can become a benchmark for office properties during the works of the city, received by the market sought after and close friends.
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