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Three office workers in Beijing Shimao hot
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Shimao; work three in Beijing Gong Ti Bei Lu, Chaoyang District, Sanlitun, near the embassy district, heading for the Business District, CBD and other prime business district and Lufthansa Regional. Shimao; Workers Workers Stadium North Road, three south, east of New Road, north of happiness Road, west of the village as well Sanxiang. Shimao; work three nearly 4 million square meters of total area, of which nearly 3 million square meters of construction land, with a total construction area of 212,000 square meters (of which the floor area of 135,000 square meters, ground floor area of 77,000 square meters ), including commercial, hotel property rights, intelligent office buildings and other formats. Among them, 504 sets of hotel property rights to 60-140 square meters for the main unit, and with a high-end furniture, appliances, LCD TV, lamps, curtains, jewelry, etc., home support readily available, is the rare hotel property rights configuration ideal place for the most complete and thoughtful and nuanced for the owners five-star hotel services, you can create a bag and stay the high life; office part of the construction area of about 3.2 million square meters, will be gradually phased into the market, in addition to special penthouse units to meet the diverse needs of our customers. BOMA office has applied for the current international certification, and work to create international well-known international rating agencies Standard office office; commercial area of about 6.6 million square meters, of which 1 # 1-4 底商 part of the office building, 1.5 million square meters for sale; 2 # F 5 million square meters of shopping malls in part by the Shimao Group, upright, into the ground and four basement, where the ground by the flagship store / anchor stores, retail shops, upscale restaurants and other commercial activities in the composition of the ground floor by the supermarkets, retail composed of shops and food street. As Shimao; work in set three of advanced commercial facilities Beijing, the global high-end fashion brand, rapid financial response system, a strong atmosphere of living in one of the core of the land, no doubt, "Shimao; work three" not only to bring together the latest fashion from around the world and way of life, while Beijing will become the leading high-end value of the property to enhance the weathervane. Shimao; work three sets of apartments with 504 to 60-140 square meters, mainly to provide luxury fashion decoration, and with a high-end furniture, appliances, LCD TV, lamps, curtains, jewelry, etc., should be home supporting a taste, is the rare Apartments configuration ideal place for the most complete and thoughtful. In addition, the Shimao; workers also provide owners with three five-star hotel services nuanced.
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