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Depreciated in September push forward of city of storm China building " the 2nd
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Arrive from September 7 on September 9, by 10 thousand divisions (000002) makes it clear that for “ the netizen fabricates ” publicly " summary of conference of Song Shanhu of 10 thousand divisions " , inside whole real estate of “ fashionable ” , the “ that becomes the public figure inside numerous course of study reads file ” surely.

“ is tacit. ” of the feeling after ” does not wish to divulge the estate of the full name develops business controller to tell our newspaper the reporter to his “ reads: Not was necessary to find out the out with this whether true material 10 thousand divisions, but I approve among them major strategy, actually look forward to of a lot of rooms also is so do, shipment returns a money, accumulate capital to await price to drop, depreciate benefit at the market long-term development, the mainstream that heads with 10 thousand divisions develops business to already took the lead in acting.

On September 9 announcement of 10 thousand divisions, portion implementation sold the company in August 2008 area 474 thousand square metre, sell amount 4.07 billion yuan, compare respectively on year the corresponding period decreases 32.8% with 35.2% . Outstanding achievement pressure all is shown.