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Crowding out commercial property policies boost high office transactions
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In mid-April this year, the Central issued a series aimed at measures to curb housing prices, like a heavy blow hit the residential market. Widely speculated that the real estate investment trends in the housing market is likely to shift from the commercial real estate. According to the Shanghai real estate market statistics from January to July 2010, SOHO Plaza office project, the East China Sea become a sales champion, Shanghai commercial office space and transaction closing record high average price for both, under the commercial real estate began to show in an indirect positive Tau Kok. However, some experts said that the policy out of fear under the effect of short-term prosperity is too fragile. Commercial Real Estate Deal Hot indirect reminder January to July this year in Shanghai real estate sales charts, SOHO Square, the East China Sea to 2.197 billion yuan champion, also boarded the top ten sales charts along with Rose Pu Jiang Shuanghui shopping mall and two office building projects. According to statistics, introduced in April this year, for the regulation of commercial housing policy, a substantial increase in office supply Shanghai 5-July 25 million square meters continue to maintain volume, up from May to July last year, up 63.35%. The year before the introduction of the policy of 1-3 months, three months, total supply is only 266,000 square meters. "Promising domestic commercial real estate, but has been underestimated." Yashi Platinum (Asia) President and former Director of CB Richard Ellis commercial services, said Miss Yang Yongshi, especially in Beijing and Shanghai, the importance of geographic location determines the commercial real estate In these two cities will accomplish much. According to Jones Lang LaSalle real estate market in 7-8 months observation report, commercial real estate market, foreign capital inflows, high-quality assets, cross-border transactions to be welcomed, in Shanghai and Beijing, Hong Kong-listed Hang Seng Bank and the Beijing Huarong Investment Company, respectively, completed a acquisition transactions. Local housing prices also wants to flex its muscles in this area. SOHO China's domestic commercial real estate giant, Aug. 13 to 15.6172 billion delisted Shanghai Hongqiao transport hub next to the commercial office block, "airport-15 block." Pan Shiyi, chairman, said the Hongqiao transport hub throughput of large, very promising. And the investment environment, government-to-business sites do not do much residential land restrictions. The site is expected to be completed a total construction area of 25 square meters of the project. In addition, real estate, "the four leading" Vanke, Poly, gold, investment property release timekeeping called "return to reason", which Vanke, Poly clear intention of commercial real estate development. Poly said it will steadily increase the commercial real estate investment. Vanke is focused on the residential market in 18 years, re-fought in the field of commercial real estate, but is expected to share in the recent commercial real estate does not exceed 10%. Unpredictable short-term vision of development and prosperity However, supply continued to increase compared to 1-July office project, although trading volume hit a new high, but not to maintain the good momentum of rise. In April to a high of 186,500 square meters in July after the 5-volume "cut", but an average of 90,000 square meters, or even less than the average trading volume from January to March this year. According to Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Statistics, from January to July this year, office and commercial space business is relatively stable investment, residential investment has experienced ups and downs in the regulation. Overall, however, both share and increase domestic investment is still more than commercial real estate. Wing Yang told reporters, commercial real estate has its particularity, is characterized by a large return on slow effect, is a "long slow" type. Investment in the housing market as it is not "immediate", so few people know, has been a "small minority", a bit quick success in today's investment environment is not a "meat and potatoes." The threshold of commercial real estate than residential real estate high, banks can only provide up to five percent of the loan, and up to no more than 10 years. In addition, the commercial real estate is more complex, not just real estate issues, but also to the whole industry chain, its orientation and planning quite difficult, the need to focus on investment and operations management. A link to do well, could lead to higher vacancy rate than residential, it can be said is a high input, high risk. Many residential developers and commercial real estate investors turn to when trying to meet these puzzles. Associate Professor of Fudan University, real estate economics scholars, Chen Jie said the volume of commercial real estate can often reflect the real economic needs, "store room" there is not the case here, the ordinary small investors and real estate group would choose Such long-term investment. He also believes that commercial real estate and foreign investment by the international economic environment, a great influence, and now this time is rather special, I am afraid that relying solely on the prosperity of the policy is too weak.
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