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Suzhou advocate city center area is quickened outside enlarge
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Two years uninterrupted development builds last a period of time, suzhou 10 thousand amount to square to had taken shape at present, building of principal part of urban boarding house is basic already and finishing, about 200 thousand make the same score meter of integrated business line of business already start working construction, next year can overall start business. It is reported, world-renowned Le Fuling of home of 500 strong retail tycoons holds businessman of 8 large main force to will make the same score Jiang Xincheng be in charge of at was in on September 12 appoint inside meeting building with Suzhou 10 thousand amount to formal autograph makes an appointment with square to be stationed in. At the appointed time with Suzhou 10 thousand those who amount to square to be a center is brand-new metropolis life will change Suzhou person's current life range and life position in the round.
The collective choice of 8 big businessmen, abet advocate the city is brand-new force of central area core
Suzhou 10 thousand amount to square this the autograph makes an appointment with a businessman, besides famous world outside Le Fu of home of 500 strong retail tycoons, still have China's biggest home appliance the first fitness of ” of beautiful electric equipment of nation of “ of retail chain company, China interlinks Wei Dejian of orgnaization “ trillion to be met personally place ” , cover the throughout the country's biggest sporting goods 100” of motion of “ of monopolistic chain store, first, amount of the ” of general merchandise of myriad of “ of retail Xin Rui that the whole nation manages an area to exceed 1.2 million to make the same score rice, chain ranks the first indoor entertainment to interlink enterprise “ expression to fly upwards ” and 10 thousand amount to directly under, “ of line of Chinese second courtyard ” of the 10 thousand cities that amount to a shadow, of category complete, archives take second place is tall, suzhou has the urban business new center of appeal most, glamour exceeds imagination, will overall change advocate city and even Suzhou commerce and life structure.
The street before view 3 kilometers, suzhou 10 thousand amount to square to will become Suzhou the banner that new metropolis lives

Suzhou 10 thousand amount to square to be located in people road 3188, numerous advantage will assemble in Yu Su city 10 thousand amount to square all round. The road of people of urban mainstay way with perforative Suzhou north and south and proximate project the bottom is comprehensive in September be well versed in; 2 lines already were in the light course in the program 10 thousand amount to square to establish a point, outcome is immediate with 10 thousand amount to square underground business street to be linked together; Distance 10 thousand amount to square only 800 meters Suzhou new railway station is new appearance only then now. Suzhou develops only then hair ground, the hub of money liaison man stands, the center in the center, suzhou 10 thousand amount to square consequence cannot set limit to.
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