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Does sales volume rebound is possibility not large? Building city cold and cheer
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The near future is bought do not buy a house, the psychology of consumer is wait-and-see mostly, develop business? State of mind appears not hopeful also. Jiangsu saves statistical bureau near future to developed an enterprise to undertake questionnaire is investigated to 1545 estate, content is development and selling operation circumstance, tone checks the elephant all is net of estate couplet of 5000 keys of “ whole nation to sign up for the enterprise of ” continuously. The reporter sees in findings yesterday, near future series is macroscopical the influence of adjusting control measure already alled show.

According to investigation, most probably the enterprise of above predicts commodity house sale drops will last for some time. Among them, the posture that the enterprise of 48% thinks commodity house sale drops will “ lasts one year above ” , 35.7 % enterprise thinks will “ lasts half an year controls ” , the enterprise of 16.3 % thinks “ won't go down continuously ” .

Apparent, to leaving the sale state of one phase, development company is behaved relatively carefully, although still having the huge potential demand that buy a house currently, but whether can be potential demand changed to clinch a deal actually, depend on a lot of element, of the fluctuant, CPI of the purchasing power that is like a dweller, macroscopical policy rise, the psychology of area price of real estate and market anticipates change to wait.

Investigate one

Development business builds a house less

Those who buy a house is little, those who build a house also follow little. Investigation shows, this year first half of the year, area of new development of business of close half the number decreases compared to the same period (occupy 47.4% ) , area of new development of predicting second half of the year of company of close half the number can decrease (occupy 46.9 % ) . The basis develops the company alternative in questionnaire, foreground of sale of ”“ of “ capital insecurity is bad ” and ” of “ land insecurity are an enterprise think reason of reductive of new development area.

Without doubt, the capital of the person that buy a house is one of financing source with estate development main company. Statistical department analysis says, sell be thwarted, the capital catenary certainly will of the enterprise is affected, not strong, capital depends on those oneself actual strength the medium and small businesses with higher rate is affected the most easily. For the normal movement of the enterprise, they will must reduce development amount, contractible development dimensions, lower outspread rate. This also gives Jiangsu estate to develop the actual strength of the enterprise to remain to rise in the reflection on certain level.

Investigate 2

The company of land “ abundant ” is little

There is the land in “ hand, in the heart not confused ” , to development business, have enough land reserve to often be equal to had the market. Nevertheless, below heavy adjusting control, the ground also is not so good take! In investigation, even more half enterprise purchases land area newly first half of the year this year to decrease compared to the same period (occupy 56.0% ) , even more half company predicting second half of the year is new purchase land area to still will decrease (occupy 55.8 % ) , only 58 enterprises think second half of the year is new purchase land to will be compared the corresponding period increased last year, occupy 3.7 % .
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