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Shenzhen: Vinegar sends hill of ナ humorous 〕 melt fear channel
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This week (8.18-8.24) , market of Shenzhen town office building still is given priority to with renting, clinch a deal area and keep balance last week. From clinch a deal property area distributings in light of, market of area office building owns the center on the west the volume rises, among them, workshop transforms office building to rent double ratio more active, make window of near future market.

   The market that rent clinchs a deal the quantity stops drop, clinch a deal all price falls

Occupying world China real estate to clinch a deal is all statistic, this week office building rents the market to clinch a deal before ending a few Zhou Chi add are small gliding trend, clinch a deal area and keep balance last week, but rent clinch a deal all price falls somewhat. This week is rented clinch a deal all valence is 84 yuan / month of square metre · , annulus comparing drops 22.9% . The main reason that the office building price that rent falls considerably changes in what at clinching a deal unit area distributings, office building of area first class becomes this week center on the west double ratio exemple decreases somewhat, lunar hire is in 160 yuan / the property of high-end first class of above of month of square metre · clinchs a deal rarely, and the market share that area property place holds the center on the west rises.

In addition, before paragraph the outside Shanghaiguan office building with relatively quiet time rents the market, this week has a batch of property to clinch a deal in succession, the level of hire of second class office building that Baoan area clinchs a deal is in 40 yuan / left and right sides of month of square metre · , and day of property of office building of first class of city of dragon hillock center installs digital innovation garden, hire is 38 yuan / month of square metre · .

   Workshop transforms office building to clinch a deal active

Occupy world China real estate to clinch a deal systematic data shows, hire of chummage of factory of large area of near future part clinchs a deal active. As we have learned, this share factory building already was transformed basically to be office building to use, had the basic function of general office building, hire is apparent however the office building under coequal a sector of an area. With the center the area is on the west exemple, center on the west the level of office building hire of the area is in commonly 100-120 yuan / left and right sides of month of square metre · , and hire of many month of office building unit inside garden of calm labour trade are in only 65-70 yuan / month of square metre · .

As we have learned, the client of this kind of workshop property that has office building function group basically include service industry of a few form a complete set, if decorate, light gas, treatment, advertisement, presswork, the company of the industry such as building materials, content shedding and a few grow model medium and small businesses, outside dividing industrial district of calm of car fair temple, south many workshop of the traditional industrial district such as the industrial district of the eastpart part of city of garden of hill science and technology, overseas Chinese and area of garden of science and technology already were changed to cause office building to be used by owner rental, compare general workshop property, hire rises apparently, investment return rate is higher.
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