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Honggutan rise office buildings
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About office space, we will think of the Samsung 2003, building, building materials, and then later, in 2005, World Trade Plaza, Fortune Plaza. In recent years, with the rapid development of Honggutan, Jiulong Lake Area government and efforts to accelerate the pace of construction investment, the city government to the exhibition area of Nanchang, the enterprise will become the centralized economic-based office and a new city convention center. Upcoming opening of the subway line on the office market is a Honggutan catalyst to the city center and the new center, two commercial organic combination of modules, so that business is surging, so the property value, so Honggutan with new office will focus style office, the city government, convention and exhibition, airport, subway and other unique advantages. Future high-end business district Honggutan Honggutan sales price for office space is currently still at a low level, and the rental price and some even beyond the price of the old city, we can see that many companies saw in the office not only price but Honggutan supporting environment, especially transport facilities, ample parking, and the pure office Honggutan mostly stay in the old city are basically residential and commercial office buildings. Honggutan district office, though not of the current center of maturity, but with the Red Valley Building, Jiangxi Daily Building, CATIC International, an international financial center, green space launch of the central square of Grade A offices, Honggutan new city center has become the new. It is reported that occupy Honggutan CBD, about to enter the market in the central square complex project element created green space is not open the first international hot competition to become the focus of investment. The industry believes that Complex is a multi-format business systems constitute a cycle, its internal office, residential and commercial itself to form a relationship of mutual benefit, and even entire regions for the project to bring more vigorous popularity and commercial gas, so its value rose and laid a good foundation. Secondly, from the external environment, the absolute dominance of the prime locations is a complex business quickly take the heat of the important reasons. Since the cohesion complex is where the business district, so often occupy the core area. That does not involve the purchase of office market With the purchase of policies to further strengthen, stay out of the superiority of the commercial and residential projects significantly. Since late October, the property market "restriction order", the central bank "to raise interest rates so that" after the implementation of city home buyers has had a subtle effect. Families had only one new share purchase a commodity housing, loans to buy housing will increase the interest burden, "the purchase of residential property is not a cause other types of real estate prices?" Many commercial real estate owners, to be purchased by the resulting such concerns. Intensified regulation and control policy on real estate cases, investors are most concerned about preserving the value of the house, followed by value. Policies for the current round of market regulation, the industry in an interview when they admitted, "restriction order" A New Deal impact on the future: a large supply of new residential market, but has a passive consumer behavior is limited, past Hot scene will be difficult to reproduce. And relatively rare, and depression in the price of office may be sought after investment. Because of its market regulation has not been affected, Nanchang office market conditions steadily. "Rare. There is no doubt the future of commercial real estate will be more and more optimistic people." Interview, an international financial center of the property consultant on the market confidence. In their view, from the current supply and demand, the market as the office needs a fixed asset investment is still large, in particular, is 200 square meters of housing Riverview Offices, can be described as difficult to get a room. Therefore, in the long run, Offices and other commercial availability of a positive outlook. Hedge against inflation, more office space age Recently, the National Bureau of Statistics announced third-quarter CPI (consumer price index) data in a new high, inflationary pressures have become a fact beyond doubt. Property owners how to invest, in response to the crisis wealth has become one of the important issues. Function in various types of real estate with investment products, commercial office space generally occupied the city's scarce resources and supporting sites, with a strong hedge against inflation, value-added features, to invest in more protection. The introduction of the New Deal created just for the office market opportunities, office space requirements of investors with a more professional investment discretion, during office investment should be carefully taken into account all factors, a definite purpose, be a good return on investment. The end of October, has held the hands of two sets of homes and shops of Ms. Wang, bought in the international financial center, a set of over 110 square meters of hardcover Scriptorium. According to Ms. Wang expressed, in fact, also aware of the recent introduction of the residential restriction measures have idle funds on hand, felt a few months since the price increases faster, for fear hides in the hands of the depreciation of money, so we hope by buying Offices Let the hands of hedge funds are. Thus, commercial scriptorium this more rational, more operational type of real estate investment products, but also will guide the healthy property market. Authority that should encourage the timely introduction of relevant policies, the investment behavior of the buyers be separated from the residential market, and gradually lead to a successful commercial real estate, which will be supporting the property market in Nanchang to pick up the important health initiatives.
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