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Office building trades big Chan Pin shows
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Office building trades big Chan Pin shows

A few days ago, ground of triumphant heart buy and limited company of management of Sai Kai asset sign an agreement, make over triumphant heart edifice with the price of 3.34 billion yuan of RMBs; And in the country of room classics trade sea square A office building also is bought by head office of Chinese electron imports and exports is whole, clinch a deal the forehead is close 1 billion yuan. Big odd frequency shows capital floor city, to capital floor city, whether indicating market get warm again after a cold spell? Orgnaization capital enters town again and again, whether indicating building city sees an end, copy background action to begin? To this, the expert thinks, return to as reason of capital floor city, a lot of buildings dish price more tend reason, the long-term value of building city will be highlighted.

Big odd frequency shows city of ● capital floor

Compose of large scale computer is given priority to should buy the home

According to golden real estate orgnaization statistic data shows, this year first half of the year, whole estate market head the case that area and sale sell to drop at the same time since 1998 now, come to hot all the time building city appear to drop in temperature considerably for years. The residential sale July compares Beijing the corresponding period was reduced last year 59.7% , the building first half of the year clinchs a deal the volume falls defeat compared to the same period 38% .

With not allow hopeful digital photograph is compared, recently, frequency of Beijing building city shows big clinch a deal the phenomenon of case caused the high attention inside course of study. According to statistic, will already clinched a deal this year or purpose is whole property that sell has nearly 10, at the beginning of May, the abundant in be located in financial market trader to encircle Shang Zaijian to set is royal mansion is sure by Chinese Pacific Ocean (group) buy Inc. is whole; The emperor that is located in group of trade of bright horse river yuan the center rectifies carry out to give Hainan aviation Inc. , clinch a deal valence makes an appointment with 600 million yuan of RMBs; On June 25, head office of Chinese electron imports and exports with in limited company of development of estate of room capital trade signed a country formally sea square A of office building buy a contract. And the triumphant heart edifice that just clinched a deal recently, make over the price to be as high as 3.34 billion yuan of RMBs.

The author in the large sheet that clinchs a deal from the near future discovers, every time the occurrence of large sheet, it is skill of capital of compose of large scale computer. With the country sea square is exemple, amount of imports and exports of head office of Chinese electron imports and exports already amounted to 38.9 billion dollar, outside having churchyard at present 58 wholy-owned and control share company, 5 agency outside be stationed in, the asset end 2007 amounts to 8.262 billion yuan, achieve sales revenue thirteen billion two hundred and twenty-one million yuan.
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