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Office building of first class of international of EAC · enterprise is costly o
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Current, what office building of first class of EAC· enterprise international decorates expenditure to be as high as 20 million yuan is costly old hall appears formally, become Hangzhou the first office building that by international design of standard of hotel of 5 stars class decorates is old, also mean business affairs of international of Hangzhou city synthesis at the same time consign of the first platform has entered overall level receiving an official.

Office building of first class of EAC· enterprise international is as high as 13 meters, what the area is as high as 2000 much square metre is luxuriant old hall, costly degree bear is bigger than hotel of 5 stars class. This are big before by world top-ranking public house firm of interior design adviser, whole world is ranked 3 United States HBA presents as leading role to carry key link to design, only charge of office building is old design is as high as 2 million yuan.

Enter old hall, yi Yi is unripe brightness the world is rare decorous and the elevator hall with the marble capacious and decorous and showily old hall, bright floor that droplight of strange crystal of Shi Hualuo world, Guangjian takes a person, comfortable old hall, shoot sending out below the lamp. The owner that is stationed in humanness EAC brings the indoor experience with top-ranking international, to pay attention to the enterprise of class of business affairs space and business affairs figure, whole world top class brand offers perfect image to reveal platform and business affairs space

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