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Shanghai " break for the first case " exposure doubt breaks chain to develop bus
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The collective of Shenzhen is broken for case be troubled by bubbling with noisely have not finish, yesterday, shanghai cruel the “ that gave source of a 150 flatlet to be closed down is broken for ” of the first case. Development of our newspaper reporter is investigated, discover the backside of this case however, it is to develop business capital catenary to rupture probably, still do not have the appearance of loan, had spread to develop business from the individual.

In the person buy a house of Shanghai building city, rate of break one's promise is higher and higher; The development business partner of Hangzhou, building dish did not appear on the market to want to transfer equity; Even abroad building dish also come add trouble to, see a building dish send possibly still leave the country swim ……

Yesterday, shanghai Pudong big Hua Jinxiu 150 houses of China city are closed down by the court, shanghai is broken rise to surface for immediately of the first case. And " daily economy news " the reporter is being interviewed in, break for saying by this building dish intermediary agent is negative. So these 150 houses are closed down, it is to develop business capital catenary to rupture after all those who bring about, is the person that still buy a house broken for? The reporter tries to contact samite of development business Shanghai China city estate develops limited company, exact answer still did not get when stalking of grain to cut.

150 houses are closed down by the court

Yesterday, " daily economy news " the reporter confirms, 150 houses of China city had sufferred Shanghai Pudong big Hua Jinxiu of the court close down. At present company of intermediary of much home house property acts as agent of this house sell.
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