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Nanjing office building will supply a height 8 years now hind move outside gener
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The office building of Nanjing puts a quantity to be next to Shanghai in long triangle area, all maintaining with the coming year from 2000 taller supply body to measure, form road of Shanxi of opening of extensive new market, drum-tower, river gradually on the west the area of business affairs of 3 big core of abstruse body center. Recently, famous and landed advisory orgnaization wears international De Liang goes, completed their research report to market of office building of near future Nanjing, say last year river on the west abstruse body board piece office building sale price rises 100 percent, and the highest peak that Nanjing city will receive office building pay this year. For this, our newspaper reporter goes to Dai Deliang director of office building department Mr Zhuo Ji happy had a special report.

Will show 360 thousand square metre to supply a height this year

Speak of the Nanjing commerce real estate 2007 supplying a case, mr Zhuo Ji happy expresses, inside a year of in the past, supplied the market to continue trend of the raise on the supply since 2000, the quantity supplies the office building system that whole town shares about 200 thousand square metre to had been in higher level in long triangle city, but actually market of Nanjing office building is supplied truly greatly still be in jian hou mian. ” Zhuo Ji is happy think.

According to wearing De Liang to go market of office building ministry seeks advice from research group data, nanjing is in 2008—2010 3 years year, the amount of office building body that will have nearly 900 thousand square metre is supplied, and this one value still does not include to still cannot decide at present specific the potential project that supplies date.

Zhuo Ji is happy point out: The office building market of “ Nanjing will greet consign height 2008, have the supply delivery of 360 thousand square metre this years about, will right of Nanjing rent and sell the market to cause bigger impact.

And center of among them Nanjing international banking, Pearl River square of international of 1 date, Nanjing and international of fine course of study will be a place the mark sex project inside area. The heart that supplies after 2008 will be progressively outside move. ”

Mr Zhuo Ji happy still emphasizes finally: The supply of 10 thousand square metre of “90 still is the project that the Nanjing inside 3 years when can foreknow will supply the market merely, reached 2010 the following supply a project same amount is huge, already affirmatory a few projects are at present medium with respect to also such as heart base square 2 period, newly center (square of Yuan Langshi town) , Nanjing international square 2 period, project of center of trade of project of Xin Hongji plot, world. The supply of Nanjing the period of time that the climax will grow quite continuously. ”

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