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Asias top club symbiosis of the original Pebble Beach Apartments SPA
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Changbai Mountain mining legend then the only way t o reference a customer can be used to find the ginseng grows in the ground, "who see the snake flower, there must be ten steps inside the old argument." Similarly, among the steel and concrete in the city, looking for a house there are some outstanding tricks, such as five-star hotel next to the real estate and quality are generally excellent, even with the Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong's top luxury rental apartments, "Four Seasons (Four Seasons Place ). " Four Seasons Group in the Far East region as a benchmark, the Four Seasons Hotel with its ultimate "comfort and luxury," by customers and the industry as "casual residence in Hong Kong as the best"; and "Four Seasons" is full adoption of the Four Seasons Hotel interior design and service management, need to provide long-term stay in Hong Kong business people, this home features a combination of new hotels and properties, soon came to popularity, the occupancy rate of 98%, or even six months before admission queue the grand occasion.

Has been concerned about the development of the world's top hotels and apartments on the basis of Poetic greater breakthroughs made, creatively put forward the "super-star SPA club + apartment" model. Pebble Beach Channel original positioning as Asia's top international club of the super five-star SPA club, with a total investment of up to 1.2 billion yuan, building homes for life by the American Institute of Architects 士拉里凯勒 (Keller), Mr design, and interior decoration interior design by the renowned Hong Kong Mr. Liang Jinghua master featuring its launch, a comprehensive refresh of Xiamen SPA level, a multinational CEO who preferred international social networking platform.

The property management services and interior decoration and so on with Strait as the former International Club rocky beaches and high-end of the original apartments, high-end apartments is even more representative of Xiamen. The two promote each other, complement each other.

Xiamen is gathered in a foreign city, a large number of executives are "airborne", from a more international city, demanding life, but it has been hard-pressed to find a suitable accommodation in Xiamen - Hotel too cold, too format of the villa mostly in rural areas, is not convenient - can only make do with the first. Two years ago, foreign executives, a person listening to Poetic End of the original concept of the apartment after a rocky beach, the performance was ecstatic, ready to immediately set.

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