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Came in September
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This may be a good appearance.
After the Olympic Games passes, the sale controller that develops business greatly each begins to work again, smile is mysterious. Ask, disclose constrainedly only, preparing for war 9, October portion; Collective “ depressed ” large half an year, look should exhibit skill greatly.
This year if the stock market sits switchback, building city is to take lord car, breathless, before loitering around, go, still ceaselessly somebody reads aloud by, “ immensity falls below Mu Xiao desolate, neigh below. ” serves as a bargainor, wish to give those comment personages a few hand; As buyer, wish to take hand for them again painful.
The Olympic Games is over, of building city build up date with respect to blow —— the unusual appearance since this year, the Jin Jiuyin that makes building city butt joint comes down 10, was full of unprecedented expectation; so the opportunity that a salty fish turns over, it is in the winter it is the autumn it is spring, still remain this 120 days of 4 months only.
The information that comes from the market shows, this year 9, October portion, it is to push really dish fastigium; In experience continuously after the price with a few cordial months yields benefit, development business people whether had adjusted the position and position, had run like Boerte Jin Jiuyin 10? If have rigid demand, also should arrive when seeing a day, after all this does not cover.

So someone cries piece, blowout season? Anabiosis season! More valuable is, those who anabiosis is to clinch a deal not just the forehead and market confidence, answer the experience of the market and experience however. Passed this one s surname, if can come down alive really, that can say meaningfully really, I came over alive again.
Wait-and-see to market both sides character, the process is hard, painful, last year house price is mad when going up, people also follows insanity, think to break up one time to also be no problem again. Room city and stock market are in go up somehow have collective place, 6000 bits when, feel to just start, on 10 thousand bits of be nothing difficult; Arrived 2300 a little bit when, people still can continue to see weak market. Return to house price is being counted on consumer before 2005, this both neither accords with market rule, also be not rational expression. Because of this as wait-and-see as one of flavour get warm again after a cold spell, be inferior to getting used to the sale below new market situation afresh, buy course of study person also should develop the new concept that buy a house, this is the process that a buyers and sellers gets used to.
This is an everybody is unforgettable 2008, if can be in,one this year the room one of life important matters bought conveniently, how this are delighted! Of course, the couplet with business of this need development and collective consumer sleeves show. Consumer says, now, money has been grasped be in the hand, the show that watchs you.
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