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Building city or will enter comprehensive dish whole: Clinch a deal measure narr
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This is very the person house of common is exhibited. Hold the ground is nodded and hold period mix in former years is about the same, also be the bargainor shows a building as before dish, buyer comes round to choose his favorite room source.

This is house of person of an absolutely blazing is exhibited. What experience torch of 18 days of Olympic Gameses to pass Hangzhou at the same time is festival the lamentation of the whole nation that with Sichuan shake of earth of plain of short of Wenshui River leaves.

If say the room hands in meeting all through the ages to be called to be the vane of building city, so this person house is exhibited have some of disappointment letting a person apparently. "To hind city is very confused still " , a personage inside course of study says frankly. Really, although person house is exhibited,clinch a deal data has produced heat, but be affected generation by numerous element this is occupied, whether the standard that serves as the city after measuring, had been hit heavily interrogation.

Book clinch a deal be not worth 800

Than last year room of the corresponding period is handed in the meeting is little many 1300 view this group of data first.

"House of the 8th person exhibits Hangzhou 3 days during the meeting, visiting masses 329 thousand person-time, clinch a deal commodity house 352, area 40048.25 square metre, amount three hundred and fifty-eight million and thirty-two thousand yuan, among them commodity house 312, area 34137.25 square metre, amount two hundred and ninety-one million six hundred and ninety-two thousand one hundred yuan. Additional, book commodity room 446, among them the residence 416. In addition, during person house is exhibited, clinch a deal in all secondhand room 34, clinch a deal area 3587.7 square metre, register client seeing a room 1096 people. Register client seeing a room 1096 people..

That is to say, during person house is exhibited, day all clinchs a deal quantity only 88. This is not how good data. Follow almost Hangzhou is transparent since May place of net of carry out room shows advocate day of the city zone clinchs a deal the amount is similar. That is to say, this person house is exhibited and did not show the characteristic that in becoming be mixed, releases, to a lot of person that buy a house, person house does not spread out same, can not facilitate apparently next sheet.

Clinch a deal to what this person house exhibits expression, the evaluation of the organizing committee is: "Exhibit market of estate of city of 1-4 month Hangzhou to run a circumstance to look from person house, market of Hangzhou city estate has picked up apparently, housing demand still exuberant, consumer walks out of wait-and-see condition stage by stage, clinch a deal to the volume rises steadily and regain normal level " . Even if is such, before following, photograph of many a time is compared, this person house exhibits clinch a deal the quantity appears lack be apt to but old.
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