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Small family of new field of 10 thousand divisions office building opens carry o
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Weekday in the morning, the open quotation of project of office building of new field of 10 thousand divisions of ground of have a common boundary of the road in be located in Kang Wangzhong road and dragon ferry, roll out about 200 42 small family to 52 square metre unit,

Flaunt " appropriate lives appropriate business " , up to that day midday 12 when, the salesperson represents 10 thousand families, "Already work off 6 into " .

Sell that day piece 6 into the unit, buy the home to take a fancy to traffic to facilitate more

In the morning at 9 o'clock, from new field of 10 thousand divisions aureate Kang Yuan sells the 10 thousand divisions of 500 meters Yao the team buying a house that central platoon had more than meters 20, the salesperson says, queued up in the morning at 8 o'clock more with respect to somebody, but the hot phenomenon that queues up without occurrence leakage night, sale atmosphere is normal.

It is reported, new field of 10 thousand divisions is 10 thousand divisions the one part of project of aureate Li center, for A, B two commercial buildings, every are identical door model, two ladder 8, it is small family model, all valence is 11000 yuan surely / square metre. Fixed position of new field of 10 thousand divisions is office building, but flaunt again at the same time " appropriate lives appropriate business " , the hope can attract different guest way.

In Zhongshan 8 manage Mr Lin of dress business and family to come over to buy a house together, had been in around some building dish he what have a 3 houses hopes to buy office to use the land here, "Basically take a fancy to the traffic here, quite convenient, the guest comes over to the subway also has fair car, a small office is done recieve very appropriate also, and closer also from inn. " to price, it is OK that he thinks to return, but still disrelish too expensive.

According to salesperson introduction, the sale took the kind of free sale that day, freedom of the person that buy a house queues up, by enter sale center to choose a room to buy a house orderly early or late, flow is simple. Midday at 12 o'clock, new field of 10 thousand divisions sells piece 6 into the unit.

The project takes favourable geographical position, but the building is apart from small difference that appear a gender

Two office building are located in new field of 10 thousand divisions abduct of Kang Wangzhong road arranges 20 meters of place into dragon ferry road, OK to going out look into the distance 10 thousand divisions are aureate Kang Yuan, aureate Li center, Kang Yuan and heart of beautiful Li of abundant of another name for Guangdong Province are built formed a triangle, it is the main competitor inside the area. Project of this office building is intended advocate dozen exceed small family model, it is the practice that 10 thousand divisions prevent Kang Yuan and new field to grab a customer each other, also look reach 10 thousand divisions are opposite the fixed position of different client is very clear.
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