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Space of business affairs floor: Partial office building hires guest relet to bu
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Arrived this week, the circumstance changes somewhat, although the market still does not have a change to rent the market to call the situation of leading role, but business market clinchs a deal to improve somewhat, this week is compared into the annulus that pay an amount go up more than 20% . Among them, the part buys the home is turn into business market by the market that rent.

Business of office building market clinchs a deal world of basis of grow in quantity China this week becomes real estate hand in data to show, buying and selling of this week office building clinchs a deal the quantity increases apparently, annulus comparing goes up more than 20% . From clinch a deal in light of the type of property, the property that can clinch a deal successfully has a common characteristic, it is apparent a surname under market price case dish. Office building ministry understands Cong Shihua real estate, this week clinchs a deal the quantity increases to basically have two reasons: It is, early days in the market dish of current source, because now the collective concession of buyers and sellers, make property can clinch a deal smoothly. 2 be, the client that releases its tigidity requirement through renting the market is before the part, relet is now buy, increased market demand, and this kind of relet is bought client, buy good faith commonly very sufficient, clinch a deal rate is rapidder. Below the joint action of these two reasons, clinch a deal the capacity appears naturally to grow apparently.

Partial office building hires guest relet to be buy from clinch a deal the client understands, in this part client, having a few is to plan to satisfy its through renting the market originally rigid demand, but relet is now buy, turn into to satisfy its requirement through business market. As we have learned, this part relet is bought client, basically stem from two respects to consider: The first, the sex keeping a cost of property. The near future, CPI goes tall continuously, inflationary pressure is increasingly apparent, below this kind of form, the money stocks a bank is to be in actually devalue, accordingly many clients expand to boycott this to plant, flat property is purchased in likely price, achieve the goal that keeps a cost. The 2nd, to prospective foreground value. Although from short-term in light of, situation of office building market is not complete and at present Anacreontic, but from will for a long time look, their market to future very value, it is certain to think hire and price have rise space. Show level so, in capital abundant circumstance falls, assume hire defray with its, be inferior to be long-term plan, purchase right property, use for a long time.

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