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Investor office building of large quantities of Shanghai showing a body this qua
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Demand of market of Shanghai office building is exuberant, investor markets of large quantities of office building showing a body. According to 21 centuries the newest all computation of the ministry occupies office building of abundant of praedial Shanghai acute, although Pudong already was entered large-scale add newly supply period, but just go April, hire of office building of Pu Xi, Pudong still appears rise, office building is sold all value is relative rise first quarter 1.2% , wool yield maintains relative stability to be in 7% the left and right sides.

Transnational corporation headquarters still is the brunt demand of market of Shanghai office building. According to statistic, have 184 enterprises that cross a state to come company headquarters move Shanghai first quarter this year, foreign capital enterprise has to the office building demand of Shanghai certain but durative. The supply that increases continuously recently also increased market liquidity likewise, cause halt rate rise. In increasing demand newly, center of sea international banking is become on the first high-rise of Shanghai bedding face is sought to accumulate high quality office building to rent a client in the market that rent most one of gay office building, a few when highlight most among them trade to include bank of friendly bank He Ruisui to be in center of Shanghai international banking to rent 10 thousand square metre severally.

The concentration of office building market is supplied will appear in second half of the year, shanghai building city is major new supply office building to will be in second half of the year just can be pushed this year to the market, individual investment office building is behaved particularly active. 21 centuries are praedial express, april, office building market, buying and selling adds client quantity newly to rise than March 37.8% , secondhand clinch a deal all valence maintains be in 25000 yuan - 31000 yuan / square metre interval, clinch a deal heat area is centered in macrobian road along the line, center of 5 horn field, long wind zoology board piece and control of unit price of region of traditional CBD center is in 31000 yuan / under square metre secondhand first class office building.

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