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Estate sells 10 years a Qi Jiang of price showing an amount
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According to CCTV message, this year first half of the year, whole estate market appeared first from 1998 since, sell the case that area and sale drop at the same time, came to hot all the time building city appear to drop in temperature considerably for years.

Statistic shows, the house price April compares Beijing annulus comparing was reduced March 0.8% , the building first half of the year clinchs a deal the volume also falls defeat considerably compared to the same period 38% . The house price of and other places of Shanghai, Shenzhen also appeared to become loose, shenzhen before this year 5 months, the residence all valence is shown basically leave defeat state successively, every square metre drops by 15080.25 yuan 11014.14 yuan, adjust extent to be close to 30% , basic fall after a rise arrives the level at the beginning of 2007.

Shanghai although house price is average,the month goes up first half of the year this year for 1.21% , but still compare month of second half of the year was added last year fast drop more than 5% .

Chinese estate considers to learn vice-chairman to consider Yun Chang to say, affect house price or whole macroscopical economic situation, the macroscopical economy of our China second half of the year has a lot of uncertainty, carry out from tight monetary policy for example how, how is the lever of interest rate used.

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