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Asian most office building supplies insecurity first quarter
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Study ministry statistic according to be an official of manage of world nation the Kingdom of Wei, 2008 first quarter, market of Asian most office building continues to present the state that supplies insecurity, continued hire bullish pressure.

The office building of Singapore is rental the market is very active first quarter, trade with relet and change location give priority to. Bank and financial orgnaization are fond of enlarge to lease office space as before, and the business support such as attorney office and IT company and professional service orgnaization also raise hire area ceaselessly. Market demand exceeded supply amount again, as a result of tenement people the room that lacks an alternative, rent just be made in hire and is higher hire level in lease add autograph.

Future of Hong Kong office building new supply is apparently constrictive inside 3 years, in the meantime, as a result of China, and even whole Asia is in a relatively positive growth state presents below economic environment at present, it is important that this area is sent more to becoming financial orgnaization. Although growth puts delay, but hire of whole of high grade office building than going up the quarter still was obtained of 9.1% grow considerably, achieved every months of every square foot 71.74 HK dollar (effective clean hire) .

Head the year rent of Er the beginning of the year is adjusted and competition of intense space of office building market quickened the hire first quarter to grow pace. First class office building hires rise of the quarter on metallographic comparing on average 4.56% ,

Market of Bangkok office building rises somewhat first quarter, as a result of the development of this locality company, demand appears the indication that gives p reaper to anabiosis.

Kuala lumpur and Manila, high grade office building rents the market is in continued to go actively first quarter situation, drove hire to reach higher level.

Market of Shanghai office building continues as before rise trend, 2008 first quarter add newly supply all is achieved with the quantity that rent piece new tall. Had seen the market had this year enough increase supply newly, building of 7 office office building increased to the market in all 325, 000 square metre (3.5 million square foot) supply. Because be served course of study and manufacturing industry the drive of a large number of demand, active hired business to alleviate beforehand the influence of supply increase sharply.

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