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Supply continuously hire of in short supply and high grade office building is fa
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On May 7, 2008 – 2008 first quarter, market of most Asia office building continues to present a state that supplies insecurity, continued thereby hire bullish pressure. Study the statistic of the ministry according to be an official of manage of world nation the Kingdom of Wei, " market of Asian office building reports " (Asia Office Market Flash) in 16 cities that cover in quarterly publication, the empty buy rate of major area is successive 4 quarters above is maintained in 5% the following, and inside the odd time 2008, increase supply newly will still very finite. These cities include the one class city of the regional financial center such as Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore, India, and the Manila of southeast Asia and Hu Zhiming city. Although global economy foreground is put in more and more not certain factors, but because believe the expression of Asian economy will exceed the United States and Europe, the enterprise still is in in Asian most area continuously enlarge is hired, commercial foreground as before very hopeful.
Although be in most market tenement people be in induct office building space actively, but the area that forces a few companies that are located in the city such as Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore and Bombay to go to office spot change besides high grade a sector of an area into the raise on the abidance that is stationed in cost. Because numerous and large tenant deferred,enlarge hires a plan, this year the hire level of Tokyo appeared to glide first in going 3 years first quarter, reduced less than 1% .

2008 first quarter, tokyo is high grade the average rent of office building (do not include communal area overhead expenses) relatively on the quarter glided 0.8% , fall to every months of every level ground 59, 000 yen (every square foot 16.66 dollars) . The empty buy of first class office building is led relatively on the quarter increased 0.3 percent, achieve 1.5% . However, office building of independent first class is in this quarter is full already lease, only rental area achieves 1.1 million square foot.

The office building of Singapore rents the market is in 2008 first quarter as before very active, trade with relet and change location give priority to. Bank and financial orgnaization are fond of enlarge to lease office space as before, and the business support such as attorney office and IT company and professional service orgnaization also raise hire area ceaselessly. Market demand exceeded supply amount again, as a result of tenement people the room that lacks an alternative, rent just be made in hire and is higher hire level in lease add autograph.

Although global capital market appeared to rise and fall, two elements avoid occurrence fall after a rise of hire of Hong Kong office building probably. These are the prime essential factor that affect market of first class office building, include tomorrow 3 years inside Hong Kong island is finite high quality the empty buy rate that puts quantity, lowest, and of new supply apparently constrictive; In the meantime, as a result of China, and even whole Asia is in a relatively positive growth state presents below economic environment at present, it is important that this area is sent more to becoming financial orgnaization. Although growth puts delay, but hire of whole of high grade office building than going up the quarter still was obtained of 9.1% grow considerably, achieved every months of every square foot 71.74 HK dollar (effective clean hire) .
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