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Shop of office building, business covers spic to all rent an area to drop first
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A few days ago, bureau of canal of Guangzhou town house announced all sorts of buildings of before this year 3 months to rent the market to analyse a report. From the point of statistical data, no matter be office,still be business chummage hire, its total a number and gross area appeared of nearly 30% above grow substantially.
But from the point of statistical data, business rents case of the equipment that register with property several growth range is broad increase scope at the area, that is to say, business is covered with property all rent an area to show descendent trend, among them the fall of office building the area is 2.3 square metre, drop extent is made an appointment with 2% ; Business shop dropped 61.5 square metre, drop extent is about 34% .

Handle official bussiness:

Set all rent an area to drop 2.3 square metre

From this year what office registers with chummage hire first quarter is total in light of a number and gross area, go situation and like reaching in former years last year, was Feburary lowest, highest in March.

Although say Chinese economy encountered a lot of difficulty this year, but the office of Guangzhou rents the market with the room still hot, this year 3 months first quarter, no matter be to rent an area to still hire a number, compare the corresponding period wanted last year tall. This year first quarter, what Guangzhou office rents with the room is total number is 7488, than last year 5733 of the corresponding period increased 31% the left and right sides; And the gross area that rent is one million and eighty-four thousand two hundred square metre, than last year the eight hundred and forty-three thousand one hundred square metre of the corresponding period increased about 29% .

Although handle official bussiness,use a room rent a number and the area that rent appears to grow substantially, but the growth range of the area not as good as several, the specification is covered all rent an area to be in glide in posture. Relevant statistic data shows, this year first quarter, guangzhou office is covered with chummage hire all the area is 144.8 square metre, than last year the 147.1 square metre of the corresponding period are reduced slightly about 2% . The personage inside course of study expresses, 2007 hack office building, basically be Pearl River new city, sports center new city (guest of new city rich, new city news, new city says) the office building of new-style first class of heart periphery, the company of hire is international or home more well-known big company, the area of hire is very large, and the office building class that pushs newly this year drops somewhat, the circumstance of big company take on lease decreases, set all rent an area to be reduced jointly with the pace of course.


Set all rent an area to drop 61.5 square metre

A number that hires every month with the room with office and area all are compared the corresponding period increased somewhat last year different, before this year 3 months, business of the room hire a number, every month is compared really the corresponding period had last year substantially growth, among them March is last year more the 2 times above of the corresponding period. But, the area that rent grows without occurrence synchronism however, among them January business chummage hire area, compare even the corresponding period is even little last year 20 thousand much square metre.
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