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Gap of building city fund is as high as 300 billion to adjust period last more t
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Orgnaization of famous sale agent wears international the report yesterday shows heart Liang Hang, income of Chinese house value is more reasonable than exceeding international level, below all-time pressure that at present financing gap is as high as 300 billion yuan, building city is adjusted will return will last more than one year.

Wear statistic of heart bridge travel to show, this year first half of the year, the 10 big cities of Chinese such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou trade the volume dropped 41% , among them the fiercest Shenzhen wanting number, not only commodity house trades the volume drops first half of the year achieve 5
6% , and house price total level is advanced 6 months drop 31% .

"The financing gap of second half of the year is more austere this year. " chummage of put together of area of China of Dai Deliang travel serves director Jiang Shang Li to express curtilage, the Central Bank increases deposit reserve the constrictive policy such as rate has been equivalent to estate loan dimensions of two years is frozen. "In addition, the line of credit of 2/3 has been in annual first half of the year consumed, amount of loan of predicting annual real-estate has 880 billion yuan only, estate credit gap achieves 300 billion yuan, credit of estate of second half of the year will be more nervous " .

In addition, look all right in Dai Deliang, exorbitant house value income is compared also is the potential demand that estate of second half of the year adjusts. Income of value of so called house is compared, those who point to is housing price and townsman family year of income than, according to international convention, house value income is compared in 3 to 6 times relatively reasonable. Nevertheless, jiang Shangli expresses, "At present income of Chinese house value is compared achieve 6.98, the income ability that is equivalent to a family 7 years cans afford one flatlet, had exceeded international apparently reasonable level. Had exceeded international apparently reasonable level..

In fact, circumstance of Beijing estate revenue has confirmed at present building city great change. Newest statistic shows bureau of Beijing land tax, this year first half of the year, beijing estate business tax drops 4.5% , estate is in the proportion of taxation from last year 23% drop 20% current. In addition, bureau of abundant mesa tax introduces, suffer Laoxiang to look the sale completes, new project has not enter flourishing to sell period influence, estate business tax is decreased receive 100 million yuan, tremendous to the influence of income of whole of tax of whole area land.

"Beijing field has appeared this year clear supply exceeds demand, ended the state that demands exceeds supply 4 years continuously. " Dai Deliang lives integratedly to serve area of ministry China north curtilage all right analysis of high speed steel of trustee high mountain says, at present the whole nation still has the land of 1.1 billion square metre to be about to develop, this is equivalent to going two years the supply of Chinese estate. "Building city adjusts predicting epicycle to controlled ability to end basically 2010 " .
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