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Foreign capital enters office building to rectify carry out in a large-scale mar
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After foreign capital enters office building to make carry out market, to raising the competition ability of the project and market whole level to be in benignantly quite, but reducing office building empty buy to lead a field, had not seen apparent effect it seems that.

Outside be restricted, make publish your foreign capital to rectify market of carry out office building to drop in temperature. The main force that makes carry out market at present is state-owned company, but we might as well once was those before media again and again of exposure " foreign capital makes carry out case " break up one by one, those who see them invest office building in China " happy life " .

In groovy report, the line of sight of people always is foreign capital of keep an eye on buy an action, and oversight these trading the story after the end. Office building, use a of property important form as business, no matter wright or purchaser, after the hand after many capital, should fulfil finally " hire " the level. Consequently, reductive their " rent " circumstance, become " newly mark (forum resembles book door model the news between example) " the key of attention.

Original to sea foreign capital China buys office building, stemming from unanimous point of view is, what they go after is property and RMB double appreciate. But these are alleged and abroad " hot money " when seeking tall get one's own back, often too eager for quick success and instant benefit.

" newly mark " investigation shows, great majority is entered by what foreign capital orgnaization makes bought office building item rate is general not tall. To an office building, this is most deadly.

Investigate its reason, perhaps be abroad capital anticipates to the hire of office building exorbitant, perhaps be the management experience that they lack pair of office building. But cannot of oversight is, coming no matter is pass REITs to appear on the market cover now, still be change hands gives next homes, hire problem and rental rate are the index with any most crucial office building from beginning to end. Because, this mirrors this getting on in the return rate Zhang of investor directly.

Hire of project of full carry out rises 30%

At present most project is given priority to with rental form, suffer policy effect, the project that traditional area hires future not to make work only will be added gradually much, this can have certain stimulative effect to the promotion of tone of market of area office building.

Become friendship condition to look from full this year carry out, clinch a deal main body all is state-owned company, its are main the reason is as the government the influence of macroscopical adjusting control, the construction such as office building of foreign capital investment is managed be restricted. Additional, hire of traditional area office building rises speed is swift and violent, control oneself is managed, run to the finance of project itself have more auspicious place, its gain profit the space will be larger.
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