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Could there be market head shows an office building " instant office "
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The person that has hired office building knows, office building is hired after coming, should decorate afresh commonly, new comprador fair desk and chair, the trouble does not say, lease still is pressed more year plan, one-time be about to be drawn out get on 10 thousand yuan less, many 10 those who come to 10 thousand yuan " true gold silver " ; And recently, market of office building of town of another name for Ningbo is new appeared a kind " instant office " : In the office that clothbound decorates, do fair furniture, basic office things everything needed is ready, rent just carry a bag to be able to begin to handle official bussiness immediately, lease is the shortest can press " day " plan.

City of another name for Ningbo first " instant office " be located in the constant grand center by crossover of for a long time, held among them full a floor. According to managing square introduction, they in March the middle ten days of a month just begins to try do business; This one level that buys is accumulated in all 1000 more than square metre, inside space 35 offices, still have the communal space such as area of boiled water of assembly room, self-help, photocopy area additionally. Look from the spot, every office all is clothbound to repair. Public basic facilities does inside, arrive greatly cabinet, desk and chair, small wait for office stationery to phone, calculator, scissors, according to weighing the person that offer rent freely entirely. 35 offices are completely " pocket model " , the biggest also hold 5 people office, the smallest is " odd world " , among them 20 are controlled is 3 worlds. Manage just express, their rental object, basically be the small company of this locality, or the agency that enterprise of abroad, other place is stationed in another name for Ningbo, "To these companies, the office is done not have necessary too big. The office is done not have necessary too big..

Differ with the long lease of groovy office building, "Instant office " lease is very agile: The the 7 days shortest, 3 years longest, hire can be pressed " day " calculate. According to introducing, join the company that be stationed in, besides oneself office, OK and free use common negotiates room, assembly room, enjoy freely manage the beverage such as the coffee that just offers, black tea, the water charge of electricity during renting, cost that protect clean also is avoided completely. In addition, manage still just deserve to have professional commerce secretary, be stationed in among them company to offer processing of English interpreter, writ, hotel to order generation of room, airline ticket to order the service of and so on to enter.

Nevertheless, want to enjoy such " instant office " clear need cost. According to reporter understanding, at present hire of high-grade office building divides city of another name for Ningbo to be in 4.8 yuan individually / square metre / universal, be in about mostly 2-3.5 yuan / square metre / day, common office building is in commonly 1.2-1.8 yuan / square metre / day; And " instant office " hire standard, according to introducing average be 8 yuan / square metre / day.
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