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Situation of Lou Ni of two handwritten words highlights advantage skill office b
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Since last year, residential market looks continuously weak, many investor get lost business to use property, caused business to use the investment upsurge of property. The Spring Festival just passed, the reporter understands, because many office building lease expire, add business area move is obvious, from theoretic look, the situation that two hand office building can appear to be begged for be more than. In fact, the data that comes from intermediary company shows, supply and demand of two hand office building poise basically, and empty buy leads skill office building to rise however.

Expert analysis, this basically is to accept condition of estate market whole not Anacreontic and the element such as to the limit of one's capacity of skill office building was affected last year, at present rate of skill empty buy rises, and profit from of two hand office building classics year of business affairs atmosphere build and domestic and international company is right traditional business encircles approbate, in go against the advantage in situation to highlight.

As we have learned, by last year, with annulus city east the circumstance that the traditional business that is a representing with north of the Milky way encircled first class office building to encounter the move that rent a settle or live in a strange place, if be in company of the Xi Menzi that electronic edifice handles official bussiness, Suo Ni to wait so, in succession change comes the office building of new first class of the Milky way. Hu Miaozhen tells inspector general of indifferent industrial Wu assistant the reporter, although electronic tycoon moved this area, but a batch of stockjobber and insurance company are garrisoned very quickly compensatory, trade on average cycle does not exceed a month. In addition, still a few enterprises stem from development need, need enlarge is hired, increase office to use the land, digested the two hand office building that add newly quickly thereby.

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