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Shanghai " break for the first case " exposure doubt breaks chain to develop bus
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Public data shows, china city is located in big Hua Jinxiu to the south of Yang Gao road, rich article Lu Yina, samite road with on the west. Total floor area 3 million smooth rice. This village is You Xiaogao layer, multilayer and the couplet body villa of edge plain Yang He is comprised. Investing business is Dahuaji group and answer land group. Developing business is company of estate of samite China city. China city estate develops Shanghai samite limited company is Dahuaji's round subordinate enterprise, register capital gold 50 million yuan, at present big Hua Jinxiu China city is this company's subordinate and only building dish.

Always believe the staff member introduction of house property according to Shanghai, the room source that is closed down this is in big Hua Jinxiu inside China city, there is much room cause inside this village, be group by group open quotation, build in succession. They predict, source of this 150 flatlet takes on sale price to be able to be in every square metre 10000 yuan many dot. And go up in the net at present the big Hua Jinxiu of hang out of China city secondhand house price prep above this price.

Be closed down or rupture because of developing business capital chain

The report says, these 150 houses are closed down to be by break for what cause, nevertheless, according to " daily economy news " reporter investigation, development business guaranty gives a bank 150 rooms that “ is closed down, is not a company after buying, break offer and close down by the court. ”

As we have learned, at present these 150 Fang Yuanshang that are closed down not open quotation. Newest circumstance is, china city has not get Pudong big Hua Jinxiu open to booking licence, this to produce evidence greatly thing that is weighed by house property intermediary, it is the important procedure that the building offers external.

The reporter always believes house property company to be in know from Shanghai, pudong big Hua Jinxiu the 150 flatlet source of China city is closed down by the court, be not what environment place says to break for, because development business owes the loan of the bank,cause however. “ developed Shang Xiangyin to lend money all right, cannot return a bank, the bank can be sued only, close down now namely through the court ” of debt of mortgage of 150 flatlet source.

“ should develop business is big Hua Qi below ah, should rich, a personage inside course of study weighs ” , “ does not cross present estate business to money does not have money everybody does not know, look at rich, actually also money of it doesn't matter, go up in the project, bank loan is tightened, capital catenary is nervous, rupture even. We also are waiting for a court when to can begin to sell this to approve a house, if sell repay a debt when heterodyne, this batch of houses need to sold enough money to go only. ”

The reporter is in know from intermediary, if the person that buy a house wants to buy these 150 houses, need awaits house open quotation patiently, after the course sees a room on the spot, sign an agreement that buy a house, through putting on record on the net, infiltrate the money that buy a house directly forensic account, other procedure all as usual. Enquire according to saying to make a telephone call to this intermediary yesterday this approves the person of room source, exceed as one used to do several times.
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