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Shi Ge of SOHO China Pan puts word: Will cast again one billion four hundred and
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SOHO rises in price as scheduled, clinched a deal 5 days that day 91.12 million yuan

On the activity of travel of prairie of forum of estate of 2008 rich a huge legendary turtle that held at Huhhot on September 6, the SOHO that Shi Ge of SOHO China president Pan gets market dispute to equipment rises in price be related is made again clear. According to saying, went up as scheduled on September 2 the SOHO series product that moves sale price, sale state is stable, go up on average for 5 % . 5 days that day clinch a deal amount is 91.12 million yuan.

By August, pan Shige is in building city " drop sound " below big setting high-key announce, begin from September 1, sale price is moved on product of all SOHO series 5 % , get the market is great attention. There is media coverage to say after, on September 1 that day SOHO share building dish did not go up not only tone price, hit instead lose sales promotion. Hind classics explanation, because sell a group 1 day to have a holiday, new sale price is announced since 2 days carry out.

But, on 6 days of held activities, panshi towerings like a mountain peak and unknown relates amount of 91.12 million yuan of sale clinch a deal a cycle of songs in a traditional opera and sale structure. And according to the view before this, the office building of SOHO series goes up 5 % , the residence goes up 1 % comes 3 % . Media reports before this dozen fold sales promotion part to be house house more.

Rise in price except the explanation outside disturbance, pan Shige puts character to cast one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight yuan of capital to enter town again, cause sensation. "My general goes all lengths copy a copy! " Pan Shige expresses to newspaper of Shanghai negotiable securities. What he weighs " copy a copy " meaning to be in estate market is short-term low below confused condition, the person that have fund is grasped to had been greeted in the hand optimal enter opportunity. According to Pan Shige's introduction, will not one year control, SOHO China will open up again endowment one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight yuan search investment project, and the beginning of the year up to now, the project investment of SOHO China has achieved 9 billion yuan.

Another large estate develops company high level to also express to the reporter, if financing is abundant, arrive at present the end of the year is best taking for some time this year ground opportunity, no matter be the 2 class market that is eager to giving a glove to show or action,tap the one class market that registers person of lack of the person that answer, can reflect the dominant position of buyer's market on the price, and the development business that the land takes at high price before last year will be in one round this the chance is lost in adjusting.
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