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Zhang Yong: Chinese real estate develops mode to will show new inflection point
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Zhang Yong was born 1963. Currently hold the post ofbutton to hand in place to appear on the market company Xin encloseds ground for growing trees (China) limited company president holds buy course of study concurrently CEO. "Chinese estate character of 10 big new fighting spirit " , "Reform 30 years of China to have person of consequence real estate most " etc. have " individual value and model of constituent value implementation " etc.

Each district frequency passed the disturbance that return the land recently, a few Ceng Gao price take the development business of the ground to be immersed in capital difficult position. Bureau of Zhengzhou city statistic announced source of financing of Zhengzhou city estate group a few days ago " nervous " the enterprise is amounted to 24% , with " 0 inventory " the local enterprise of commercial pattern get victory -- , Xin encloseds ground for growing trees (China) Zhang Yong of limited company president causes buy trade industry attention, for this, reporter special interview Zhang Yong.

Development business must transform development strategy

New capital signs up for: Media coverage says now, collective of Henan room look forward to depreciates break out of an encirclement, the building that Xin center real estate develops dish have fall?

Zhang Yong: Report about what collective depreciates I had not seen, but there are a few buildings really during the Olympic Games dish making sales promotion, this and house price fall to did not concern directly, cannot say collective depreciates. Demand of tigidity of Henan estate market is very big. The building that Xin center real estate develops in Henan dish did not depreciate, we do not depreciate basically is to do not have capital pressure.

New capital signs up for: According to market research analysis, henan has the estate company capital of 20% to be in the brim that rupture or ruptures about, the company capital of 40% is more nervous, only is the company capital of 20% very difficult?

Zhang Yong: At present Henan has a few landed enterprises to pass badly really, through Henan province statistic bureau announces spend data to also can see first half of the year: 2008 first half of the year, henan saves commodity house to sell area and sale in pairs to drop; Among them, house of complete province commodity sells an area relatively on year the corresponding period drops 8.7% . To a few " store up ground " landed enterprise, the day is met undoubtedly one disaster after another.

New capital signs up for: Had had answer arrange measure?

Zhang Yong: Development business wants real change strategy, use not store up ground, do not cover dish " 0 inventory " commercial pattern, tell simply even if: Do not lay in land in great quantities, along with buy along with development, quick sale, reclaim quickly capital, shorten greatly development cycle.
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