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Yi Xiaodi: Callback of this round of market is simple change fastens extravagant
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"The letter that writes in-house personnel " make numerous real estate big the aureola of the glaring human nature on man head. For a long time never Yi Xiaodi of president of group of 100 buy trade, president is in the sunshine of straight face media is hopeful more in mail develop simultaneously with caution. Accepting our newspaper reporter when exclusive special interview, yi Xiaodi emphasizes: When this when the market is fatigued and weak, develop business should " self-improvement " , do not government of hope of of one mind helps city.

Chinese estate signs up for: In interiorly mail, you mention this to adjust different before. What is the immediate impact that it brings to estate market?

Yi Xiaodi: Adjust the biggest impact this to depend on new to room look forward to fixed position. Before two years as a result of superheating, bring about amlposition of structure of supply and demand, a lot of demand that develop business to break away from common people far make a product, bring the market thereby a kind " threaten quality " buy agitation. The market that is in this so is adjusted in, the product place that does not accord with market demand is stricken the biggest. In addition, price of house of a little local district rises too fast, house price is exorbitant, for instance and other places of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, also will borrow this to adjust new regression health.

Chinese estate signs up for: Current development business wants successful " hibernate " , what is the most crucial question?

Yi Xiaodi: Rely on oneself and city should be not helped before hope government. This market callback is not a quantity adjust, the change that pledges however. This we can get drawing lessons from from other industry, for instance new brand shop, shopping centers replaced traditional department store. Fall in current condition so, room look forward to wants actively to face difficulty, seek the client fixed position that follows oneself, create the product with valuable more for the client. And do not imagine can wait for windfalls, because of the market competition can appear new structure, if preserve original strategy all the time, the enterprise will be washed out by the market eventually.

Chinese estate signs up for: Do you think to adopt depreciate politic whether the declining tendency that saves building city?

Yi Xiaodi: Depreciate strategy does not have the effect to major company, only fraction just has the effect. Because the price of product of the majority on current market is empty is tall, not be simple depreciating can solve sale problem, must want regression to go in rational value.

As to say only one fraction depreciates can have the effect, because they have the market fixed position that compares essence of life to allow,be. Here includes two ideas, or is the product of in a popular style, or takes characteristic market namely. To a few did not find a product to locate, although the price is in everyday,reduce, still also have good effect hard. Contrary, meet instead so more the confidence that drops a client. So core problem or need have accurate product to locate, and the promotion that serves to the client. And the sexual price that the key that serves promotion to the client is nodded even if depends on a product was compared.
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