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Gu Yunchang: of compose of ⒄ of of health die young of of pleasant night de
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"In process of development of our country whole estate, I see have a few trouble. " yesterday, in " Hunan change dialog conspires future " -- , 2008 " two model society " with " urban and rural as a whole " national form a complete set reforms test division economy grows height forum to go up, gu Yunchang teachs estate of famous real-estate expert, China and residential seminar vice-chairman " feel pulse " our country estate develops, in process of the development that list number 5 big " disease " , leave piece treat " ill " fine

★ symptom one: Puffiness disease

Of the house cover model the area is too large, waste a space, did not plan the space adequately to had been designed, perhaps be blind angle and unused space, wasted land actually, wasted building materials, wasted a space.

Prescription: The family wants miniaturization, national natural resources is shortage, want to be done a bit more compactly as far as possible, the city wants a bit more compact, building house wants a bit more compact, compact model the residence accords with modern society.

★ symptom 2: Resistance is low disease

Resistance of building, house is very weak. Winter northwest wind is blown compare in the home outside cold, sunshine takes summer compare in the home outside hot still. Why? The house does not have measure of adiabatic heat preservation.

Prescription: Clang clang ground opens northward winter central heating, clang clang ground opens southern air conditioning, such making that waste of specific power consumption is too big, want to rely on the heat of the earth's interior, solar energy to heat up the level that raises adiabatic heat preservation. Want to improve the quality that builds itself, must increase architectural oneself strength.

★ symptom 3: Disease of tall blood fat

Where is hematic fat? Business of a lot of development wastes more money on sculpture of nude of male and female, spend more money in outside good settle on.

Prescription: Should a variety of trees, the first is zoology, beautiful money wants to be worth. Kind of tree basically is on the ground, increase the chance of air loop oxygen.

★ symptom 4: A priori is depauperate disease

Lou Panxian day is depauperate. The house arrives till now is semifinished product room mostly, semifinished product room is depauperate, it is good that development is done not have in mother's womb push to the market, let him owner do decorate, it is energy-saving that bought material also does not know, still affected the rest of adjacent home.

Prescription: Want to carry out residential integration. Semifinished product room bought a car namely, the steering wheel of the car, cushion for leaning on has not been installed, go matching by oneself, real-estate industry is such product almost. Of course, the reason that this has a lot of is inside, we should carry out residential integration energetically, carry out a proof, room of clothbound of and other places of Shanghai, Guangzhou is very popular.
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