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Pan Shige: Do not rise in price mean depreciate
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Editor's note: On August 25, net of Pan stone towering like a mountain peak divulges SOHO China was making work on September 1 a little the project all will rise in price, one stone arouses 1000 billow, after this causes each big media coverage, move of exasperate netizen comes cannon. Rise in price about Pan Shige in the light of the outside reason undeserved, motive is impure, hind the doubt that city does not value, panshi towerings like a mountain peak the net replies one by one a little now, point out " do not rise in price to be meant depreciate " .

" Chinese economy times " Zhou Xuesong: Why should the project of SOHO China raise price? To this, do some people think this is to maintain sudden huge profits? How are you responded to to this? Whether will be this plan carried out stoutly?

Pan Shige: In 14 years of time in the past, item of SOHO China all sale sells a process to raise the issue with very regular price ceaselessly in period room, the capital time value that throws the company through raising price and project plan are mirrorred in the price come out. Contrary, do not carry valence to be meant actually depreciate.

This, the problem raising price of SOHO China is last week the net chats from time to tome the reporter asks about this matter, I carried the company the message of valence to tell him September 1 with respect to blurt out. Cannot think of, caused each big media is very big resonant, those who reach reporter friends examine minutely.

Previously, the company rises in price every time is ourselves makes a decision, did not announce a news to media. The item that we sell is period room, for the angle from development business, as the elapse of time, closer and closer from the time that meets a room, devoted capital is increasing, rising in price in process of period room sale so is very normal. From the point of the client's angle, the client that clinchs a deal first paid a money above all, capital has cost, we do not rise in price to also meant them to get loss.

Current, SOHO China is right September 1 carried valence to just decide big principle, rise in price on average extent is in 5% the left and right sides. The market is mirrorred before the basis, commerce, office building goes up want many a little bit, of apartment go up should a few smaller; The large family with sale rapid rate rise in price scope is some more, the small family with sale slow rate rise in price scope is a few less. The sale branch of the company can make new tariff according to these principles, after the company is approved, announced on September 1.

" Chinese economy times " Zhou Xuesong: Current, include 10 thousand divisions inside the project of business of a lot of development is in depreciate, whether does SOHO China go against city to carry valence to there is enough hope to his? If be, does excuse me the reason where?
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