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Shi Hanbing: Rise in price bubble of unmatchable building city
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Pass through exterior phenomenon, pan Shige rises in price, Wang Shi depreciates, it is to be same target actually: As soon as possible room work off!

Clinch a deal in building city low fan, major key is whole approach gradually when, in the night with black tall wind of a month, a skinny man hallooes bravely: "I do not rise in price who rises in price! "I do not rise in price who rises in price!!

Besides Pan Shige, without the 2nd person. When in other development business depreciates, he is gone against situation and row, bravely hold a memorial ceremony for gave the old division that rise in price.

Although " the member that SOHO announces the first day of selling office that rise in price is whole has a holiday " , but this rises in price incident, the numerous development business in still giving hesitation sent the kindling material of the hope. Of course, before this, pan Shige ever also was given out " 100 days of great change " Jing day is fatidical, threaten numerous development business be scared out of wits, because of,worry about oneself " great change " contain hate and die.

In CCTV news conference sitting room makes section end time, compere Li Xiaomeng asks me: "How do you rise in price to look to Pan Zong? "How do you rise in price to look to Pan Zong??

Those who face the Pan Zong that sits opposite to be cast period the view that make, ground of my become enamoured says: "One individual streaking does not wear the dress forever on behalf of him (show those who rise in price is durative) , also do not wear the dress on behalf of someone else (point to rise in price popularize a gender) . Actually, with respect to Lian Panshi him gentleman of towering like a mountain peak also says, the sell like hot cakes of single item does not represent the capital predicament of whole real-estate industry to be changed somewhat. Are you such saying? Are you such saying??

Silent of Mr Pan Shige. Sit face-to-face for the first time, cooperate such tacit agreement, I feel very gratified.

Of Pan Shige rising in price is each exemple only. His rise in price, did not save the do what one can of Chinese building city originally, what he should save is him above all. Adjusting greatly increasingly impendent when, who can sell work off house with the rapiddest rate, who can hold out the past. 10 thousand divisions are risking the pressure that removes a room, still depreciate sturdily carry out room, it is choice of a kind of strategy.

Niu Dao writes in rich guest civil point out: "If Pan Shige rises in price,succeed, beijing building city still will last wait-and-see; If Pan Shige rises in price,fail, beijing building city will be greeted drop madly... Beijing shows a room to put a quantity to had arrived at 146227, period room 167457, already all was historical perch, rely on what day all controls 200 sets now to clinch a deal, cannot maintain building city to be run normally, originally of draw the bow but not discharge the arrow depreciate mad tide, be risen in price to fail by what Panshi towerings like a mountain peak eventually and arouse... "
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