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Ren Lizhi: Emperor abstruse edifice of central business affairs and rational cre
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-- the interview of well-known architect Renli

I am searched in geometry, the ground like my insanity is seeking all sorts of colour and cube, sphere, cylinder and pyramid form... we are artists no longer, however thorough the observer of this times. Although the times of our past also is of nobility, good and rich value, but it is better that we should be accomplished as always, that also is my belief. -- strap Xi Ye of • Ke Bu

The Hangzhou August, the construction picture of an in full swing inside CBD of Qian Jiangxin city, main body already writtened guarantee very emperor abstruse high stand erect is in edifice of central business affairs inside CBD core area, stand with citizen center near neighbour, mutual reflect. The edifice establishs concise Founder, be full of internationalization and modern element, be full of the district culture feature of Hangzhou again at the same time.

Ren Lizhi, of the edifice advocate stylist, the construction schedule that burning sun of the top of head is paying close attention to a building, often directive engineering personnel. Holding the post of a gentleman is assistant dean of academy of design of the building that be the same as aid, deputy total architect, ever learned in France and work, managed project of high-quality goods of decathlon of domestic and international number early or late. With hold the post of a gentleman face-to-face, strap Xi Ye of • Ke Bu to holding the post of the gentleman's impressions to be just as this building Great Master of world-class is general, rigorous, rational, sagacious ray is after thick lens.

In emperor abstruse spot of edifice of central business affairs recieves a center 2 buildings assembly room, hold the post of a gentleman to should be made an appointment with with " emperor abstruse newspaper " the reporter had a conversation.

This is an internationalization, before the office building of look up sex

" emperor abstruse newspaper " (the following abbreviation " emperor " ) : Hold the post of a gentleman, thank you to take out time to undertake this interview in the midst of pressing affairs. Project of office building of Qian Jiangxin town is numerous, design a Great Master as well-known building, set out from the angle of the design, how is telling you from old way to make emperor abstruse is edifice of central business affairs highlighted from which come out?

Ren Lizhi (the following abbreviation holds the post of) : I want to set out from the following respects, say from the situation of the edifice above all, hangzhou from " west lake times " trend " Qian Tangjiang times " , redefine the urban situation with Hangzhou metropolitan internationalization. Business affairs area regards Hangzhou as the CBD on real significance in the center of Qian Jiangxin city, collected center of citizen center, conference of Hangzhou great theater, international to wait for mark sex building, and emperor abstruse edifice of central business affairs is on the side of these architectural, accordingly behoove becomes CBD inside, it is the mark of this city even. Next, the feature of office building ought to be developed adequately, use on pay attention to business affairs character, it is concise, efficient. Accordingly, internationalization, modernization is our mainest at that time design idea, in around tens of annulus with emperor abstruse undertake discussion to plan together, after improving, formed the concise geometry body that everybody sees now finally piece, the modernistic style that the exterior gives priority to with vitreous act wall. In the meantime, I think this also is with emperor abstruse pay attention to as cultured of place of international furniture company " person this space " , pay attention to " atmosphere, succinct, essence accurate, measure " be photograph be identical, whole edifice whole looks atmosphere, wash practice and have international quality, establish a face to look perfect like artistic sculpture to taste, be full of the breath of modernization and innovation sex.
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