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Mature estate market value also should be mixed other consumable is same, the price is much level.
Be in big alligator carries the real estate that is a delegate with ground of 10 thousand divisions, gold greatly depreciate sales promotion while, the product that Panshi of chairman of bureau of SOHO China trustee towerings like a mountain peak the gentleman announces his company will be at the beginning of September raise price. The reason that waits for raw material to rise in price is not worth the reinforcing steel bar that its state, cement to be a letter entirely of course.

This message, make the foreground of house price more let consumer puzzle. Be to go up to still drop after all? When developing confronting refuse to budge of business and consumer, I also am pondering over this problem, I think from beginning to end: Estate market is not a dish of chess of countrywide, not be a whole world more a dish of chess, day drought rain is waterlogged inhomogenous, price much polarization will be final structure.

Can say, this round of estate adjusts the concussion that main show is the price, after going up wildly, face policy constrictive, the pressure of be issued to lower levels is in different city, different time place shows different value rigid or drop erupt. Current, countrywide real estate glides generally considerably as a result of sale, face price winter, most house building dish accepted total prices discount, mortgage send the sales promotion such as a content, price strategy, cheapen it seems that for the mainstream.

I think, mature estate market value also should be mixed other consumable is same, the price is much level. Archives of this and product type, quality, characteristic, use fixed number of year, seat, production is inferior and relevant. Say roughly, should include the following fields:

1, contemporaneity, house price has arrangement of on any account.

In big city, the discretion of house price, related to area, a sector of an area, traffic. The maturity that builds as establishment of big city form a complete set (especially of traffic perfect) , the balance that economy grows, each the difference between area piece desalt.

The discretion of house price still should depend on the product type of the house and level of form a complete set, namely the core value of its oneself. Clothbound is repaired, form a complete set complete, service is good, small density, static house price is taken in perhaps be troubled by tall, and the house with construction general quality, form a complete set is simple, the price with respect to on the low side. The market forms discretion of this kind of price, with the government safeguard room, economy room has distinction.

Because of the specialty that the house produces, land becomes one of price basises. If want to pull open much polarization class, the government plans to also want to plan as a whole, this ground is taking the market to go up previously, build level clearly.
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