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Yi Xianrong: M sour offends ナ of of discharge of word of of Piao of Huan pro
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On August 21, the Changsha of 39 Celsius high temperature, be in " enthusiastic " in, greeted distinguished economist Yi Xianrong. Once had lustrum, easy constitution allows the memory that youth flies upwards, calm case is in an university below hill of high mountain the foot of mountain. Easy constitution allows a medium Changsha, had been brought up quickly.

By business association of the Changsha City, the Changsha City evening paper of total chamber of commerce, Changsha signs up for trade group to sponsor, limited company of development of estate of Hunan gold family is special assist those who do " Hunan change dialog conspires future " -- 2008 " two model society " with " urban and rural as a whole " forum of height of progress of economy of region of test of reform of national form a complete set, today bright two days are mixed in Changsha respectively Chongqing " begin lecturing " . Regard give a lecture of Changsha assembly room as the honored guest, yi Xianrong naturally has a feeling all the more.

Our topic, begin from the most sensitive house price.

House price?

After the Olympic Games passes nonexistent drop greatly

Changsha evening paper: Everybody wants to know, whether can price of industry of the real-estate after the Olympic Games fall greatly?

Yi Xianrong: Unlikely, the Olympic Games and real-estate industry do not have too big correlation. Besides Beijing. Long-term to house price go situation, as an industry that ought to be dominant with consumption, house price ought to decide according to consumptive ability of place, calculate congenial guest to once was pulled considerably move, its price also can renew reasonable price sooner or later.

Actually economy of nonexistent Olympic Games this concept, is Hunan influential? The Olympic Games does in Beijing, it is almost to the influence of Hunan 0, without what concept. How should go actually or go, the key is to current China economy makes a very good judgement.

Changsha evening paper: The some phase that whether we enter economic cycle e.g. flat phase? If be, how long of its meeting continuance?

Yi Xianrong: 2007 since second half of the year, the environment of the policy of domestic estate market, money market, dweller waited for a respect to produce profound change to estate market knowledge, and this kind of change means domestic estate market to will appear great adjustment, or estate market will be entered periodic adjust period. In about a year can not end this kind is adjusted, should experience a long period however (on Hong Kong one round estate market was experienced 1997 - so long 2004 time) . Adjust through this kind, the superior bad discard of the market eliminates the estate company with a few bad aptitude, let a few good estate companies survive come down. This is market basic law criterion, the market had produced tremendous change, who also cannot major key of market of this round of estate of block up home is whole.
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