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Highway of river of Wuhan city edge will rise abruptly first class office buildi
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Area of business affairs of Jin Shen international will invest 10 billion yuan, near beach of river of settle Chinese mouth flourishing a sector of an area. Yesterday, when Yue Yong of members of standing committee of municipal Party committee, deputy mayor is interviewing Shanghai city building to build Wang Ji of industrial group president to come, say, the edge of the Yangtse River of Wuhan has a lot of all previous to be built via the high-quality goods of hundred years, area of business affairs of international of hope Jin Shen matchs with these fine architectures.

Area of business affairs of Jin Shen international is this E Hu classics trade negotiates one of main items of the meeting. This project is located in highway of river of edge of river bank area, have Wuhan be buildinged and even Central Plains area the building of mark sex most, office building of collect first class, exceed a lot of function such as apartment of type of hotel of 5 stars class, service at an organic whole, will make for the our city two model the society experiments integratedly project.

According to introducing, project of area of business affairs of Jin Shen international always invests 10 billion yuan, among them first class of business affairs area writes original poster building is building a course in, will use more than 120 to the new technology, patent technology such as new material, what office building of first class of fill Wuhan city is not worth is blank. Current, in capital attraction respect, group of Shanghai city building and abroad advance business will introduce international company inside area of business affairs of Xiang Jinshen international.

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