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Price of dug Beijing house rises drop controversy
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Recently, go up drop opinion on public affairs of errant Beijing house price does the person that buy a house thoroughly muddleheaded. It is the expert inside course of study takes countless floors at the same time dish citing says house price falls really, it is governmental official at the same time the certain the earth's surface that holds official data talk is shown did not fall.

"Fall, still did not fall? " asing if is a choice title, had become the development business, person that buy a house, policy to make nowadays square 3 person pair of gamble play chess between.

Beijing house price is this round of wave motion true after all fall or " does the holiday fall " ? "Bullish clique " with " is be expected to fall sent " what did the argumentative backside of babble mask after all? " daily of the first finance and economics " discover through investigation, in at present Beijing building city trades quantity atrophy, land shedding pats catenary of capital of business of apparent, development to slant below tight current situation, house price bright fall dark falling building dish be absent a few, still have few number building dish the price does not fall to rise instead, and the ground does trial of more Lou Panxuan choose some of sales promotion activity, the state of mind like holding the person that wear and buy a house in the arms next " continue wait-and-see " .

"Whether does Beijing house price fall " contend for

In Shenzhen " break for disturbance " below example effect, the house price of Beijing is to make target of public criticism more. Before Ren Zhijiang a few days just wrote civil analysis in rich guest " house price drops nobody are benefited " , draw on the strong exception of netizens. Be acted according to to be all the time " civilian delegate " upcast of horse of Professor Yi Xianrong gives analyst of company division courtyard " price saying a room drops having a harm is malicious " heavy pound says the word gives strike back.

Senior personage, Central Plains is landed inside real estate Li Wenjie of general manager of China north division thinks, the house price of Beijing had dropped up to now 10%~15% . This character one, sufferred Beijing hair change immediately appoint deny clearly of vice director Wang Haiping. Wang Haiping expresses, house price falls 15% views are not authoritative, and OK and affirmative is, stabilize and be market of current Beijing estate normally a kind of fundamental situation and fundamental condition.

A newest report that comes from Beijing statistic bureau to release shows, 2008 first half of the year, buildings of 4 annulus less than all valence amounts to 18398 yuan / square metre, with 2007 first half of the year inside 4 annulus all valence 13696 yuan / square metre photograph is compared, looked to go up again really compared to the same period from data.
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