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Battle of Wuhan price of real estate " the surface is lively " fall not big
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Depreciate, dozen fold, privilege, great gift is wrapped... the value that Jiangchen building city diffuses is great battle, look be like lively, but have not bring the person that buy a house real material benefit. The data of website of Wuhan city estate shows, july advocate housing of commodity of the city zone clinchs a deal all valence is 6023.04 yuan / square metre, than going up the month drops 48.55 yuan, drop for 0.8% . But with photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year, go up still amount to 40.64% .

Wuhan estate major studies the report says, till 669 months, price of Wuhan commodity housing drops to just tend apparent, but fall not big. The personage inside the course of study that paying close attention to room city trend more very much says, these numbers explain, house price still is in exalted, present dropping is merely begin.

Go comparative and apparent with the slow pace of house price, sales volume glides should a lot of faster. Wuhan city sold a 4258 flatlet July child, reduce 124 again than a month, fall for 2.83% . With photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year, sales volume decreased 51.85% .

Analytic personage says, integral house price falls not obvious reason, basically be each area lopsided, wait for place majority building like Pan Longcheng, Guang Gu dish have bigger fall, but central the city zone has not give reality to pledge the gender depreciates. Nevertheless, building of central the city zone dish the price is strong also had shake evidence, the share is new dish already began low to enter town, be opposite building of the other inside area dish form concussion.

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