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Big odd frequency shows market of Beijing office building
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Frequency of large sheet of market of Beijing office building shows orgnaization capital to value building city long-term value

A few days ago, in the country of room classics trade sea square A office building is bought by head office of Chinese electron imports and exports is whole, clinch a deal the forehead is close 1 billion yuan. Big odd frequency shows capital floor city, to capital floor city, whether indicating market get warm again after a cold spell? Orgnaization capital enters town again and again, whether indicating building city sees an end, copy background action to begin? To this, the expert thinks, return to as reason of capital floor city, a lot of buildings dish the price has tended reason, the long-term value of building city is highlighted.

Big odd frequency shows capital floor city

According to golden real estate orgnaization statistic data shows, this year first half of the year, whole estate market head the case that area and sale sell to drop at the same time since 1998 now, the building first half of the year clinchs a deal the volume drops compared to the same period 38% .

But recently, frequency of Beijing building city shows big clinch a deal case, cause the attention of the personage inside course of study. According to statistic, come this year, already clinched a deal or purpose is whole property that sell has nearly 10. Big large building is sure by Chinese Pacific Ocean (group) buy Inc. is whole; Emperor yuan the center rectifies carry out to give Hainan aviation Inc. ; In June head office of Chinese electron imports and exports with in limited company of development of estate of room capital trade signed a country formally sea square A of office building buy a contract. It is reported, a of square of this nation of great capacity of office building clinch a deal the forehead is close 1 billion yuan, created the highest value that Beijing office building sold contract volume first half of the year 2008.

"Below the big environment that in price of volume of Beijing estate market city of double defeat, building drops in temperature considerably, country the high-end building that the great only success of sea square makes its become capital floor city to take the lead in breaking ice dish. " the personage inside course of study is evaluated so.

Does orgnaization capital copy ground floor city?

Go oneself since annual bottom, as the macroscopical adjusting control that is aimed at real estate ceaseless development, building city " inflection point is talked " begin be current, thereby building city also was entered subsequently " wait-and-see period " . A lot of new-blown buildings dish reduce the price to anticipate in succession, the government sees effect at the beginning of the adjusting control measure to house price.

Big odd frequency shows building town near future, whether to mean building city inflection point to had seen an end? Whether does orgnaization capital begin to copy ground floor city? Whether can building city comprehensive get warm again after a cold spell anticipate? To this, chief expresses related head office of Chinese electron imports and exports, buy a nation sea square, also was to take a fancy to its to be located in on the west Chang'an Street and 3 annulus are handed in on the west collect this one advantageous situation. Use fund at buying property, because judgement is the good opportunity that enter town really at present,be on one hand, but on the other hand more important is, value the long-term rise in value of property.
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