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House price is fluctuant the city after city of building of hasten firm Nanjing
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The time that the wait-and-see mood of Nanjing building city had lasted to be about 1 year, at present, those who appeal policy of macroscopical adjusting control becomes loose " save city to talk " already cease all activities, the wait-and-see mood of the market still did not drop off, clinch a deal the quantity reduces an in part compared to the same period. Macroscopical policy is had " fine tuning " likelihood; Face coming " Jin Jiuyin 10 " , development business will have what kind of opportunity; Nanjing building city goes to whereto, can current condition give us how old imagination space?

Nanjing prices: Wait-and-see mood is full-bodied, clinch a deal shrink half

According to the net still the research organization released a few days ago Nanjing building city runs a report first half of the year this year, this year 1-6 month, house of whole town commodity appears on the market the quantity keeps balance basically compared to the same period; Clinch a deal the quantity is compared the corresponding period is low 2006 34.4% , with photograph comparing dropped 2007 36.5% . From supply and marketing contrast looks, supply and marketing of accumulative total of house of 1-6 month commodity is compared this year for 1.21, present the state that seeks for be more than. And contrast of annual supply and marketing was in basically last year 1 move below. From can make work the area looks, can make work at present area the four million one hundred and seventy-four thousand four hundred square metre that from last year the four seasons spends end, already added to this year in June the 5.511 million square metre of end, increase 32% .

And the statistic of real estate of Nanjing net main rooms shows, this year on January 1 - on August 19, house of whole town commodity clinchs a deal in all more than 28 thousand, 2.981 million square metre. Clinch a deal a cycle of songs in a traditional opera, clinch a deal the area drops respectively compared to the same period 51.62% with 52% . In the meantime, commodity house returns those who have many 40 thousand to be able to make work quantity, later period still faces enormous sale pressure.

Funeral affairs forecasts: Wait-and-see mood alleviates, clinch a deal small rebound

The expert thinks, the country is macroscopical adjusting control policy with firm give priority to, but still have fine tuning space. Look from current condition, although affect what common people buys a house to be not single factor, but if want to stimulate the appetite that buy a house, nothing more than from two respects proceed with: It is to be in trade link, through reducing tax, lower interest wait for a method, lower the threshold that buy a house; 2 it is to supplying a respect to promote a building quality, reduce the price appropriately, breed the person that buy a house to appreciate certainly dimensional anticipation. But, integrated the information of each respect, although macroscopical policy still has fine tuning space, but adjustment strength and extent too won't big. So, if want to break the wait-and-see mood of at present, regard the development of building city supplier as business side proceed with only.
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