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Logic of market of Shenzhen building city and prophecy expect Jin Jiuyin 10
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Everybody knows to depreciate nonexistent consolidate step by step, but most person does not agree to abandon nodding profit then at the moment, expect a convention in fluky ground " Jin Jiuyin 10 " can bring lucky.

"House price should fall reach the designated position, can walk into again otherwise wait-and-see - among depreciating loop. " rose in May from this year, gao Haiyan repeats this point of view ceaselessly. Regard carry of battalion of city of courtyard of Shenzhen company division as research center director, he is invited to reach all sorts of discussion again and again of late the forum of house price. However, most development business is right this turn a deaf ear to, this makes Gao Haiyan very awkward.

Enter nowadays September, shenzhen is centigrade 35 degrees high temperature did not give the building city that drops into trough to bring a warm idea. But develop business people not crestfallen, they give this round of tradition " Jin Jiuyin 10 " express great expectations. Although be in this year in May, this kind is placed had appeared with same way.

At that time, gao Haiyan suggests: "Best can let the price adjust reach the designated position, capital of fast steam again. " look in him, fall, stop, fall again, create the sense that the price still can continue to reduce very easily to the person that buy a house, this is adverse instead to development business.

But development business did not admit this proposal, gao Haiyan also is immersed in public opinion eddy for a time accordingly. Whole in May, shenzhen building dish insist to keep a sale mostly, depreciate large-scaly to was not formed, the person that buy a house also chose to continue wait-and-see, final with " red in May no longer " wind up.

"Shenzhen building city missed the good opportunity that save oneself at that time. " tall salangane all without exception says regretfully. He thinks, 90 month are this year the last opportunity, if develop business not with valence low the trend of get warm again after a cold spell that changes a quantity to rise, "The adjustment of Shenzhen building city period be afraid the year after next of meeting Yan Zhiming " .

The evidence of statistical data effectively of the near future Gao Haiyan's viewpoint. According to Shenzhen land bureau investigation shows, on August 17 ~23 day, shenzhen city bridal chamber clinchs a deal a cycle of songs in a traditional opera adds up to 355, clinch a deal the area makes an appointment with 31 thousand square metre, annulus comparing drops all be 50% the left and right sides. And as fight drop the index with the strongest sex -- secondhand house price, more dropped first in July defeat 10 thousand yuan, 9401 yuan / of square metre clinch a deal all valence annulus is compared dropped 7.14% , go back arrives last year level of the beginning of the year.

Gao Haiyan insists to think, the price that at present the state of Shenzhen is index sex area did not fall reach the designated position, outside Shanghaiguan is very actually much building dish had not depreciated space, but building city trades the whole of the quantity anabiosises dimensions of the person that need buys a house changes the ground to enter the market. "The person that Shenzhen buys a house expects to depreciating to still have, have to rely on index sex area next depreciate drive whole market depreciate. Have to rely on index sex area next depreciate drive whole market depreciate..
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