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Olympic Games office building " the team of the dream " time of static Hou Mengx
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Be in Beijing inferior abstruse trade group, collected about 50 office building projects that making work and hiring, this among them very big one part happens to coincide when conduct propaganda, sale the ground was hit " Olympic Games card " , ground of do one's best is made " Olympic Games economy is encircled " concept.

Since 2003, have the aid of " Olympic Games concept " , inferior abstruse region market be able to dish vivid, the office building market here also gradually active rise, the rental rate of project of a few business affairs was achieved 100% , this number exceeds CBD, ZhongGuanCun even (000931, ) with financial market (000402, ) wait for area of heat of old brand business affairs, make famous office building " the team of the dream " , gathered to include edifice of boreal time period, world on this popular list celestial bodies of abstruse international center, north head make, Luo Dasha of Bei of large building of estate of room ground buy, Ma Ge inside a lot of big shop sign.

Nevertheless, as the arrival of the Olympic Games, did these very close from Olympic Games place office building get material benefit really? After the Olympic Games leaves them far to go, "Olympic Games card " this what course to follow?

Inspector general of department of promotion of ideal sunshine strategy expresses at the beginning of Zhaoxiao, the client is very rational, won't because have the Olympic Games, move Olympic Games village certainly, the circle that still should run according to oneself place will consider optional location, because the Olympic Games is blind,won't choose. Actually, inferior abstruse business encircles office building problem, it is the focus that public opinion pays close attention to all the time. Industry thinks generally, to the limit of one's capacity of office building of this one area is too large, too concentration, bring about market saturation, digest hard. Chinese index studies Zheng Lijuan of analyst of data information center thinks, inferior abstruse piece what area majority office building goes is medium high-end course, but from them statistical data looks, inferior main tenement returns abstruse area is medium and small businesses, basically be with service company, IT company and small-scale investment the enterprise is given priority to, area demand is lesser and not tall to the requirement of office environment, with rent or buying second class office building it is business lives even amphibious building is given priority to. Newest investigation data shows, ad firm, medium company is opposite first half of the year in 8 years inferior abstruse board piece attention is increasing, but can't form wholesale industry group and complete fluctuation to swim industrial catenary.

To Olympic Games village, Ya Yun Cun the office building of this area, the influence of the Olympic Games is many sided. Newly spatio-temporal information seeks advice from Beijing Feng Weiping of general manager of finite liability company thinks, acting to boreal the period of the day from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. edifice, it was become indicate inside Ya Yun Cun sexual building, the lease that accepts really is more also. But overall for think, as a result of the Olympic Games hold, everybody has certain focusing to Olympic Games village and project of Ya Yun Cun, but in be worth to the real value that brings directly office building and imagining so tall, "In fact, this area a few projects hardly savor how many Olympic Games ' cake ' benefit. This area a few projects hardly savor how many Olympic Games ' cake ' benefit..
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