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Does policy shake Guangzhou to already showed " help city " clue?
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Save do not help city? Still be market decision.

Second half of the year began last year, guangzhou building city begins to reduce a passageway, aim to control tall house price before this " country 15 " , " spic 7 " wait for grand mix policy, whether can you still make sure its might is not hit fold?

The reporter understands, guangzhou city second half of the year will still continue to roll out plot of commodity room house, make sure those who add supply policy is successional. In newest announcement selling the land, the time such as the complete that the residence develops still is controlled strict, and ask to must refer a bank to honor the agreement first bail. In addition, of room of Guangzhou price fixing, classics comfortable room roll out defer somewhat.

But the reporter learns from another respect again, look like stable building city macroscopical policy, have the sign that become loose more or less, receive speed rein in than be being answered like king of a few ground; Be in " 90/70 " below casing, already had new door model scale appears " inobservant " . In the government intended innocently loosen under, whether adumbrative move helps city in flank?

Going up bureau of canal of room of land of lunar Guangzhou city sums up the conference that close the door to go up first half of the year, many development business think city of this round of building is adjusted want 1 ~ 2 years at least.

Flank helps city

Evidence 1: Ground Wang Hui receives speed rein in

It is reported, the payment of land of Guangzhou open sell one's own things period it is half an year commonly. But the reporter understood from the personage inside course of study a few days ago, because develop business capital catenary to get stern test, accordingly, from the ground king that took up to now last year, have close in part not capture clear price. Personage of know the inside story is analysed, ground Wang Shou answers if general to return land to auction the market afresh again, send the ground king price before be less than not only, appear possibly even shed the likelihood that take. To avoid finance loss, the government will talk things over with development business under the counter, protracted Wang Hui accepts plan.

Since last year, guangzhou took many ground king, among them somewhere king floor price achieves 13 thousand yuan / square metre, become the laurel of king of new ground of Guangzhou the Milky way. This plot also is Guangzhou comes to what central the city zone makes public sell one's own things nearly 5 years the commodity house of the largest area uses the land. As we have learned, the development business that buys next this ground king still is faced with consign of money of billions of yuan of price.

Guangzhou produces senior personage to disclose to the reporter somewhere, at present this incident is in ankylose condition, not only bureau of town house canal does not want to call in land, this development business also hopes to leaving this " sweet pastry " the capital that serves as capital attraction. "If the government called in ground king, impossible also gain this a few, who can issue high price to take the land in such building city situation? " it is reported, the outcome with the most possible event of this ground king is, after both sides talks things over, draft resolution of respect of room canal bureau agrees to develop business deferred payment.
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