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Real estate of commerce of the 3rd 2008 China and office building annual meeting
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Annual meeting of office building of & of real estate of commerce of the 3rd 2008 China conference of the first day falls eventually next heavy curtain. Of the unitive effort that Bencihui discusses backstage business to use member of property group ensemble and member of ensemble of customer service ministry and newsgroup cooperate to fall obtained huge to succeed.

Add up to of this second annual meeting is present nearly 300 more than person, enclothe trade that involves the throughout the country to use property field, the 200 people dimensions that imagines beforehand than us should enlarge close half, occasion is extremely hot. Included research center of banking of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences among them a surname of chairman of union of management of construction of site of commerce of Professor Yi Xianrong, China earths up Hua Wei of director of research center of estate of road gentleman, Fudan University tens of famous book names such as the professor expert scholar; More than 30 famous businessmen such as Buck of the star of bright and beautiful river, big profit hair, unified star; 10 several professional orgnaizations such as real estate of travel of intermediate quantity couplet, Central Plains and Dahuaji a few a hunderd schools such as big group of round, card are large and medium-sized business develops a business with property. It may be said was to collect the large grand meeting of expert scholar, authoritative orgnaization, famous businessman and Yu Yitang of famous development company.

In the meantime, this second business annual meeting still attracted China and foreign countries, this locality and nonlocal media amount 14. Among them planar media 12, TV medium 2. The news of TV annual meeting of the first real estate already was in a TV station 7:35 on April 25 for a short while the first finance and economics is broadcasted. News will be published in newspaper in succession related the others media.

For this second annual meeting, business uses property group, customer service form, gave the arduous effort of 100% and sweat with market group with business.

Want to thank all member of customer service ministry above all, especially dawn dream He Reju, plan as a whole the flow of whole activity, the spot is more busy have not enough time even water to drink. Susan was to monopolize almost more all detail of annual meeting spot, meticulously.

The Luo Zong that business uses market form and dawn swallow should recieve a client not only, more monopolized presiding important task.

Want to thank our business to use the everybody of property group especially, sun Yuezhen is in charge of large activity for the first time cover the work, have those who cover working arrangement merely, the individual is to be achieved formerly more interviewed 5 experts, assure to start career giving manuscript formerly at the same time, work all the time before dawn. Rong Can is in charge of the spot photographs and interviewing photography, often run to run, the processing that a large number of photographs are in charge of after returning a company works, also hold to time of final before dawn all the time. Zhu Jingrui and Wu Yulu, cooperate whole scene interview and detail works, showed the good quality of a new personality and state of mind, participate in a project to inspect the job even early in the morning the following day. What work hard especially is Lin Kai, begin to replace special subject and news immediately from in the morning, to assure the speed of special subject and quality, worked whole all night, continue to work overtime the following day, need replaces news in the morning, the content that still needs to inspect last part item afternoon is added into special subject. Work 2 days continuously 1 night. Each our group member work overtime the battle arrived last minutes. Whole business makes me unusual touch with the solidarity of property group and fight, I think I feel pride is mixed to have such group excited.
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