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Rich of home of the 6th China can be in Ning Bo kicks off 6 large window greet a
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On April 11, spring of exposition of household of the 6th China International is exhibited will be in peaceful wave international exhibition center kicks off formally. Current home rich is met sponsor jointly by federation of Chinese light industry and government of people of peaceful wave city, mix to 14 days on April 11, 2008 came 7 days on July 4, 2008 cent spring, summer two period hold in Ning Bo.

According to the organizing committee deputy secretary-general Zhou Shaohua introduces, current home rich can be exhibited 2800 times when spring exhibits already by scare buying one sky. Meeting summer extends domestic gain flutter job progress is good, 80% exhibit also already by explain order. Current home rich is met with " brand household, character lives " for the theme, with " attention the people's livelihood, lead produce and sale, model a brand " for the tenet, exert oneself makes the big platform that lives in industrial capital, resource, information. Current home rich meets will present 6 large window.

Window one: Meeting general enables current home rich in the round international exhibits allied UFI label. 2007, rich meets the home to exhibit allied UFI attestation smoothly through international, with one action becomes Zhejiang to save the international of the first own brand to show allied attestation item, pick took what can exhibit " Olympic Games gold " . Face captious international to exhibit business and international to purchase business, the UFI attestation that domestic rich meets can make they are at ease undoubtedly enter. "Romanian enterprise is exhibited to going to abroad joining, purchase a requirement very tall, UFI attestation let us can be full of confidence to domestic rich. " Romania is stationed in China commercial counsellor such say.

Window 2: Raise intellectual property to protect consciousness, begin " the brand goes 10 thousand lis " activity. In October 2007, with " innovation home rich is met, promote household culture, service to live in an industry, make world home rich meet " the domestic rich that is a tenet is met " the brand goes 10 thousand lis activity " start formally, had visited the Guo Ningbo, Beijing, site such as Guangzhou at present, the country that will live in industrial assemble ground, distribution centre and world importantly to live in an industry to develop in the whole nation later and area begin a series of itinerate conduct propaganda to recommend an activity in succession.

Window 3: Dimensions continues to maintain admiral of industry of Chinese the biggest household to exhibit a position. To comply with market demand, domestic rich turned around 2007 cent spring, summer two period hold, domestic rich meets the beginning; that initiated Ning Bo to hold large meeting to exhibit in the summer this year the summer is exhibited continue to get of industry chase after hold in both hands, extend a total scope relatively on year rose 50% , make what domestic rich meets total exhibit a dimensions to be as high as 4300, hold the position that admiral of industry of the biggest household of the 5th big, China exhibits the whole world.
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