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Win of Xuzhou spring house is met will at " 5 · one " begin grandly
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Win of Xuzhou spring house meets time: Nodded to 3 days of ground on May 1: Xuzhou new gymnasium

Annual 51 held spring room gain can have become Xuzhou citizen " traditional festival " . Have " building city vane " Fang Bo meets the 2008 Xuzhou spring that say, will open big screen again in new gymnasium at coming 3 days on May 1.

A year during in Yu Chun, "Buy course of study settles down, from spring Fang Bo can begin " . Regard Xuzhou building city as vane, win of Xuzhou spring house can insist to deliver from beginning to end " the clearest landed sound " . Win of house of 2008 Xuzhou spring is met with " value of · of harmonious · responsibility " for the theme; Ginseng exhibit limits to be general goods room, residence, apartment, secondhand the residence such as the room is relevant project; Top class apartment, hotel type apartment, villatic, go vacationing hotel, recreational go vacationing center; The commercial project such as hotel of type of building of CBD business affairs, office building, integrated mart, property right; The orgnaization serves related the estate such as service of estate representative, finance, law; Design of Wei Yu of art of international household articles for use, interior decoration, indoor landscape, fashionable furniture, kitchen, tide, environmental protection is energy-saving new material of things, adornment is new science and technology.

During win of current spring house is met, the organizing committee engineered the activity of a series of rich and colorful meticulously, see a room with bringing broad citizen into play adequately, choose the room, enthusiasm that buys a house, whale sucks magnanimity to have the cause client of the intent that buy a house. Exhibit before can beginning, begin Xuzhou 1 million citizens buy room apiration major key to check, hold Xuzhou estate to invest specification of buy course of study to meet, hold employment of Xuzhou ground production to manage height forum, focusing quality building dish the intent in the broad philtrum that buy a house.

During Fang Bo can be held, the organizing committee still will hold Xuzhou to plan to exhibit in the spot, community photography exhibits Xuzhou landscape real estate wait for an activity, ensure all ginseng are exhibited business and the person that look around interacts deep extensively communicate, make current Fang Bo can make gain of room of all previous Xuzhou of meeting summit summit make.

Additional, win of house of 2008 Xuzhou spring is met the organizing committee is wide still invite brand of domestic and international famous household, home appliance, car to aid blast, swim through fluctuation the resource of industrial catenary is integrated, make broad citizen comprehensive feel the tide of fashionable life and grade.

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