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Estate of Shanghai of the 23rd China reveals Fair 11-14 day was held in July
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By Shanghai management board of natural resources of land of building of construction and traffic committee, Shanghai is supported, the estate of Shanghai of • of the 23rd 2008 China that Shanghai estate guild sponsors reveals Fair on July 11, 2008, in Shanghai exhibition center is held 14 days.

Estate of Shanghai of • of the 23rd China reveals Fair with " show brand building dish service citizen is consumed " for the tenet, with sincere letter the brand is safeguard, publicize enterprise of Shanghai estate brand and outstanding building energetically dish, concentration shows the construction gain of Shanghai real-estate industry, give priority to body with outstanding estate company, thrust brand, model sincere letter, differ for broad citizen administrative levels, different building dish consumptive demand is offerred wholeheartedly service.

With " pay close attention to the people's livelihood, in advocating low price, medium small model general goods residence " for the tenet, in guiding estate actively to develop an enterprise to build low price, medium small model general goods residence and energy-saving demonstrative residence, promotion construction is accorded with " resource is managing model, the environment is friendly model society " residential construction and consumptive pattern, advance residential industrialization, advance Shanghai house construction to last, healthy, rational development. Current house extends the principle that can act on fair, open, justice, provide actual house property information for common people, recommend the development business with sincere reliable letter, compose builds the information platform of buyers and sellers, form health gradually, harmonious building city environment.

Current house exhibits the outstanding building that can have company of Shanghai estate brand dish many 40, have Pudong new developed area only house and elder brother hill, too the company of more than 50 development such as storehouse, Shandong carries more than 200 building dish ginseng exhibit.

Pudong new developed area only the company of crackajack estate development that what house ginseng exhibits is Pudong new developed area and outstanding building dish, for example:

" benevolence Ganges bank city 3 period " community of elite water bank, total floor area makes an appointment with 250 thousand square metre, greenbelt rate is made an appointment with 60% , enjoy very outstanding natural advantage, southwest two sides faces water to form the force of the peninsula, shuang Qiaofei is worn connect north and south, landform nature rises and fall, it is an organic whole repeatedly with community already, become scope of operation oneself again. Boreal bank, it is not only by the Shui Anya condition of natural favor, it is the city that Shanghai benevolence constant presents the precious tranquil life in flourishing city more;
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